C What Vitamin C Can Do for You

C What Vitamin C Can Do For YouVitamin C possesses definite, scientifically validated virtues that really do prevent and reduce wrinkles as well as rejuvenate skin, but what products really work? Why do some products with Vitamin C not work as effectively as others.
Well, here are some interesting facts that may help you choose your next skin care product:

  • Vitamin C is an indispensable component of collagen synthesis – the most important structural element in skin that aids in wrinkle prevention and elasticity.
  • Vitamin C is an all natural antioxidant that helps skin protect itself against free radicals.
  • Vitamin C is easily oxidized because of its instability. This means that products containing Vitamin C should be tightly sealed to ensure its potency.
  • You can evaluate the oxidation of your Vitamin C containing skin care products by checking for yellowing of the product.

So next time you’re looking for a lotion or a topical wrinkle cream keep these tips in mind. We recommend checking out products like H2T Body Moisturizing Complex.

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