It’s Always Sunny in St. Tropez!

St. Tropez Tanning Products

St. Tropez Tanning Products

Saint Tropez Tanning Products are ready to transform your pasty winter skin into a glowing summer tan! Getting ready for Spring Break, or just wanting to get a head start on looking good in your summer attire? Inspired by the luxurious city of Saint Tropez, France, this line of tanning enhancement products can make you look and feel affluently connected to the city’s beautiful French beaches. I sure wish we all could visit the south of France every year to get a great tan and some much needed R & R, or at least live somewhere other than the Midwest; instead, we have to settle for the next best thing – self-tanner!

Worried about looking orange? Put your fears aside – self-tanner has come a long way and St. Tropez’s formula guarantees a streakless bronze with their three step Auto-Bronzant Instant Self-Tanning line of products. Step-by-step St. Tropez walks you through using their Body Polish exfoliant, Hydrating lotion, and Whipped Bronze Instant Self-Tanning Mousse.

More interested in airbrushing? St. Tropez also offers Everyday Airbrush – an easy way to apply professional spray tan without having to visit the salon.

Still worried your bronze will be a bust? I know I kind of freak whenever I take on big beauty projects, but it usually subsides after I consult the experts. Check out our article on Sunless Tanning Tips here!

You can also view the full line of St. Tropez at!

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