Don’t Be Left Breathless: OPI Supports Lung Cancer Research

OPI Breathe Life

OPI Breathe Life

OPI has teamed up with the Lung Cancer Foundation of America to bring awareness to an ever-growing epidemic in America and a particularly lethal one for women. According to the LCFA, “Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women. It kills more than the 6 next largest cancer killers combined.” In order to impact both awareness efforts and research funding, OPI has created a color to remind us all of the importance of smoking prevention, education, and finding a cure. This new lacquer is entitled “Breathe Life” and is a beautiful and subtle silvery, blue-green color. Proceeds from the sale of “Breathe Life” are dedicated to programs that will assist with early detection, diagnosis, and most importantly, researching a cure.

With statistics like “85% of women diagnosed with lung cancer will die in 5 years or less,” we here at Beauty of a Site would like to encourage all of you to help make a difference in the lives of women across America. “Breathe Life” is available now on our website:

To learn more about the Lung Cancer Foundation of America visit:

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