Sweeten Your Day with a Little Bit of Fruit!

Sweeten Your Day with a Little Bit of Fruit!I’ve always been told that eating an apple will wake you up much faster than a cup of coffee. Whether that’s true or not, nothing’s more of a pick me up than a fresh orange in the middle of the afternoon! What is it about fruit that’s so exciting?

We’re not quite sure about the specifics, but we know that when we’re suffering from mid-afternoon laziness, fruit is the perfect summer-y pick me up. Here’s some tips for getting some fruit-y wonderfulness into your routine:

  • Toss a lemon in with your water.  Not only will the little citrus improve taste, but your water bottle looks so much sunnier!
  • Wear a bright fruity nail polish shade on your toes.  When you slip off your heels in the afternoon, you can enjoy your OPI Banana Bandana pedicure!
  • Add a cherry red accessory to classic black clothes or the perfect orange accent.  Those bright, fruity shades can be truly chic- and so fun!
  • Snack on grapes at your desk.  Easy clean-up, easy to eat and necessitates no quick swallowing when the phone rings!
  • Throw on some fruity lip balm.  Agatha Ruiz’ Tutti Fruity is the perfect pick-me-up.
  • Wear a fruity lotion on your hands that is fun enough to give your cubicle, car or bathroom a little extra flavor, but not overpowering to your coworkers, dentist or students.  We suggest California Mango Natural Lotion.  Mmmm.

Get Your Sandals Ready with the H2T Magic Heel Stick!

H2T Magic Heel Stick

H2T Magic Heel Stick

We’ve all had the experience- we trim our toenails, paint them the loveliest shade of pink, then throw on our favorite sandals only to find that our heels are horribly cracked and dry from a long winter, and in desperate need of attention.

Enter our favorite save-the-day heel product, Head 2 Toe’s Foot Therapy Magic Heel Stick.  This product is guaranteed to immediately eliminate the appearance of dry, cracked heels using a medical grade formula that soothes, moisturizes & hydrates irritated or overworked skin.  It’s magic!  Worry no more!

We suggest tossing your Magic Heel Stick in your gym bag, in your purse, or in your glove compartment for an pedicure emergencies.  Achieve smooth, summer ready feet instantly!

Radiant Color All Summer Long

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to have fun with my hair color.  I can’t resist the way new hair color shines in the sun! But, like many woman have found, summer is definitely one of the hardest seasons to keep color from fading between salon visits. How do I keep my color from fading with all the heat, sun and chlorine?  Here’s some of our suggestions for protecting your color-treated hair like a pro.

Radiant Color- All Summer Long!

  1. Use a color enhancing shampoo to give your hair color a little extra vibrancy between colorings.  We suggest ClayPac Color Enhancing Shampoos & Moisturizers.  We have found these to be THE MOST effective color enhancing products.  They’re fantastic!
  2. Choose styling products that are specifically designed to protect color from heat & sun.  Tigi Fashionista products, for example, are formulated to add luster to colored hair and protect it from sun exposure, chlorine and the everyday damage of blow dryers & irons.  Even when you’re out of the sun, some of the worst damage you can do is from the heated styling tools you use everyday.  Spritz & Shine Heat Safe Styler is a great multi-use styler to try!
  3. Finally, make sure you treat your hair right after a long day in the sun.  Try a restorative spray like Rene Furterer’s After Sun Moisture Spray.  Products like these give your hair quick hydration to keep it from getting dry & damaged.  We carry several lines of products specifically designed for this sort of repair- check out Rene Furterer (here) & Phyto Plage (here).
  4. Drink water.  First your doctor, then your mother and now we are telling you that water truly is soo important to keeping your body healthy. It’s important to remember  that the drying effects of the sun on your hair can even be fought by keeping your body sufficiently hydrated.  Keeping your hair hydrated can ultimately help it retain color longer.

Have any other tips for long-lasting hair color? Please share!

OPI Sunbelievable Collection- it’s here!

After much anticipation, OPI’s Sunbelievable Collection has finally arrived.  We were super anxious to see these interesting colors in person, and we weren’t disappointed by OPI’s unique shades!  We get so excited when they come up with colors that we truly haven’t seen before and there’s a couple in this collection just like that!  Here’s a shot of the colors (in flourescent lighting) up close & personal:

OPI's Sunbelievable Collection- It's Finally Here!

The yellow in particular (Banana Bandana) is different than we were expecting.  Much cooler- truly chic!  Glamour highlighted that color in their June issue– we’re sure it’s bound to be a hit! I’m His Coral-Friend, all the way on the right, is also matte, and a perfect coral-y red.  The blue (Sea? I Told You!) has a surprising amount of sheen & sparkle- how fun!  If the Fuchsia Fits (second in from the left) has a subtle sheen, making it that perfect summer mani & pedi color.

What do you think? We can’t wait to hear! Click here for more info or to purchase!

Crazy about Crazy LIbellule and the Poppies!

Crazy about Crazy LIbellule & the Poppies!
A girl loves to smell delicious- but some days just aren’t perfume days.  Something light and quick.  Looking for just a little hint of fragrance?  Our favorite lovely smelling remedie is the Crazy Libellule & the Poppies solid fragrance sticks.  These small solid fragrances are imported from French, featuring adorable french names & precious packaging.  Perfect for tossing in your purse!  My personal favorite is the “Lilas Spiritual” from the Shanghaijava Collection, with top notes of lilac & clove, heart notes of lily of the valley and base notes of lilac & vanilla.  Gorgeous!

This month only, we’re selling these awesome fragrance sticks for 30% off!  Mmm, delicious!  See this and the rest of our monthly specials here!

What a bright idea! We love OPI’s Bright Pair colors!

OPI On the Same Paige

OPI On the Same Paige

We were oh-so-pleased when OPI’s brand new Bright Pair shades arrived at our warehouse this week! These six new hues in the OPI Bright collection are trendy twists on classic bright colors, paired expertly with crops & shorts from Paige Premium Denim for all sorts of fashion forward fun (see them all here).

I’m usually a little weary of oranges, but I was totally floored by how much I loved OPI On the Same Paige. This slightly darker orange with the slightest ting of red, cooler undertones & a matte finish is really stylish, particularly with nails that are a little shorter.   To be honest, I was expecting & hoping for it to be a little more red, but was pleasantly surprised by it’s sheer… orange-ness!  It’s really classy! We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when OPI whips out another great shade!

Nervous about trying a whole bottle of one of these shades?  No problem! Try three of them in the Mini Bright Pair Kit, which includes mini bottles of three shades (On the Same Paige, Shorts Story & A Grape Fit) & RapiDry Topcoat.  Now that’s a bright idea!

OPI’s Bright Pair shades include:

A Grape Fit (this rich purple was made for you!)
In My Back Pocket (a bright orange you won’t want to tuck away!)
No Room for the Blues (this vivid blue is “denim”-ite!)
On the Same Paige (You’ll agree this orange-red is jean-ius!)
Over the Taupe (an outrageously appealing shade of “lush”-room)
Shorts Story (hot pink… the end.)

On the Same Paige (flourescent lighting)

On the Same Paige (flourescent lighting)

For the Love of Lip Gloss!

Although no studies have been done to prove or disprove this theory, some researchers are saying that wearing lip gloss can increase your chances of having skin cancer on your face and lips. Without reputable studies, we’re not going to be the first to say this is truth. We do however, want you to keep this interesting story in mind this summer when your getting all dolled up to visit the pool or your favorite summertime hot spot.

According to ABC News, this is the rumor, “Some dermatologists have said that the translucent sheen helps ultraviolet rays penetrate the already fragile skin of the lips — thereby increasing your risk.” Moreover, ABC goes on to report that, “squamous cell carcinoma (the kind of cancer that makes up 90 percent of new cases of lip skin cancer each year) has a higher risk of metastasis on the lips. That means that it’s more likely to aggressively spread if it starts on your lips than if the same kind of cancer appears first on other parts of the skin.”

Now, if any of this is true, we need to take action. Especially those of us who are slightly addicted to lip gloss (you know who you are!). Luckily, there are just as many glamorous lip glosses with SPF as there are without. A don’t think you have to get rid of all your glosses – just make sure to wear them indoors. Here some SPF infused lip balms to check out and keep on hand when you’re in the sun:

Alba Botanica Lip Care SPF 18

Alba Botanica Lip Care SPF 18

Coola Lip Lux All-in-One Lip Treatment

Coola Lip Lux All-in-One Lip Treatment

Let us know what you think! While researchers are gettin’ their ducks in a row, we’d love to hear your opinion on this issue. Comment back or tweet us at our twitter page here.

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