What a bright idea! We love OPI’s Bright Pair colors!

OPI On the Same Paige

OPI On the Same Paige

We were oh-so-pleased when OPI’s brand new Bright Pair shades arrived at our warehouse this week! These six new hues in the OPI Bright collection are trendy twists on classic bright colors, paired expertly with crops & shorts from Paige Premium Denim for all sorts of fashion forward fun (see them all here).

I’m usually a little weary of oranges, but I was totally floored by how much I loved OPI On the Same Paige. This slightly darker orange with the slightest ting of red, cooler undertones & a matte finish is really stylish, particularly with nails that are a little shorter.   To be honest, I was expecting & hoping for it to be a little more red, but was pleasantly surprised by it’s sheer… orange-ness!  It’s really classy! We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when OPI whips out another great shade!

Nervous about trying a whole bottle of one of these shades?  No problem! Try three of them in the Mini Bright Pair Kit, which includes mini bottles of three shades (On the Same Paige, Shorts Story & A Grape Fit) & RapiDry Topcoat.  Now that’s a bright idea!

OPI’s Bright Pair shades include:

A Grape Fit (this rich purple was made for you!)
In My Back Pocket (a bright orange you won’t want to tuck away!)
No Room for the Blues (this vivid blue is “denim”-ite!)
On the Same Paige (You’ll agree this orange-red is jean-ius!)
Over the Taupe (an outrageously appealing shade of “lush”-room)
Shorts Story (hot pink… the end.)

On the Same Paige (flourescent lighting)

On the Same Paige (flourescent lighting)


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