OPI Sunbelievable Collection- it’s here!

After much anticipation, OPI’s Sunbelievable Collection has finally arrived.  We were super anxious to see these interesting colors in person, and we weren’t disappointed by OPI’s unique shades!  We get so excited when they come up with colors that we truly haven’t seen before and there’s a couple in this collection just like that!  Here’s a shot of the colors (in flourescent lighting) up close & personal:

OPI's Sunbelievable Collection- It's Finally Here!

The yellow in particular (Banana Bandana) is different than we were expecting.  Much cooler- truly chic!  Glamour highlighted that color in their June issue– we’re sure it’s bound to be a hit! I’m His Coral-Friend, all the way on the right, is also matte, and a perfect coral-y red.  The blue (Sea? I Told You!) has a surprising amount of sheen & sparkle- how fun!  If the Fuchsia Fits (second in from the left) has a subtle sheen, making it that perfect summer mani & pedi color.

What do you think? We can’t wait to hear! Click here for more info or to purchase!


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