Sweeten Your Day with a Little Bit of Fruit!

Sweeten Your Day with a Little Bit of Fruit!I’ve always been told that eating an apple will wake you up much faster than a cup of coffee. Whether that’s true or not, nothing’s more of a pick me up than a fresh orange in the middle of the afternoon! What is it about fruit that’s so exciting?

We’re not quite sure about the specifics, but we know that when we’re suffering from mid-afternoon laziness, fruit is the perfect summer-y pick me up. Here’s some tips for getting some fruit-y wonderfulness into your routine:

  • Toss a lemon in with your water.  Not only will the little citrus improve taste, but your water bottle looks so much sunnier!
  • Wear a bright fruity nail polish shade on your toes.  When you slip off your heels in the afternoon, you can enjoy your OPI Banana Bandana pedicure!
  • Add a cherry red accessory to classic black clothes or the perfect orange accent.  Those bright, fruity shades can be truly chic- and so fun!
  • Snack on grapes at your desk.  Easy clean-up, easy to eat and necessitates no quick swallowing when the phone rings!
  • Throw on some fruity lip balm.  Agatha Ruiz’ Tutti Fruity is the perfect pick-me-up.
  • Wear a fruity lotion on your hands that is fun enough to give your cubicle, car or bathroom a little extra flavor, but not overpowering to your coworkers, dentist or students.  We suggest California Mango Natural Lotion.  Mmmm.

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