Father’s Day with Beauty of a Site

It’s June 1st, which puts Father’s day at two weeks out.  Now, we know that Beauty of a Site isn’t your first thought for a way to treat the man in your life, but we wanted to make you aware of some of our favorite ways to show Dads, husbands, friends & brothers that we care.

Beauty of a Site offers a section of our site to men; listing brands that cater to mens needs and catergorized by product type to make shopping for the perfect shaving supplies, shampoo & body wash even easier.  Some of our best brands specializing in men’s products are:

Organic Grooming (herbal, organic, eco-friendly products)
American Crew (classic, popular & well-known)
Bed Head B For Men (a testosterone tilt on popular Bed Head salon products)
Kusco Murphy MAN (the coolest looking packaging ever)
Rude Man Haircare (the FUNNIEST packaging ever)
Woody’s (unique, effective & fun)

Father's Day at Beauty of a Site
Anything you’d like to see that we don’t have for you yet?  Let us know and we’ll check them out!  We’re just starting to really focus on offering a dedicated section for men, and we could always use suggestions!

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