Loving Everything Purple

Loving Everything PurpleEverything!  I was reading this month’s Glamour this morning and noticed that Sandra Bullock was casually dressed in a bunch of different purple-y hues.  I love how they look on her! We all knew purple was sweeping the scene this summer, but I’m totally loving it way more than I expected to.

Get some purple into your routine…

… with the perfect purple polishes (like Sandra’s!).  OPI has faithfully given us all of the vibrant violet shades that we can handle, and our staff favorites include OPI Miami Beet, OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not & OPI Bogota Blackberry.  Creme, shimmery, pearly- we love it all.

… with a dramatic eyeshadow for at night.  Our personal favorite is Tigi Bed Head’s Cyberoptics Eyeshadow in Passion.  A warm purple with a subtle sparkle.  Perfect!

… with Betty Beauty’s Sexy Betty hair dye kit… for the hair down there.

… with a subtle twist of eyeliner in a violet hue.  Rosie Jane’s Grapevine eye define is shaped to allow for the perfect amount of control and blending, so that you can add just the right amount of purple to neutral eye make-up.

… with Beauty of a Site.  Purple’s our signature color, after all. 🙂

How are you getting your violet fix? Fill us in!

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