OPI Coleccion de Espana (Spain Collection) in Stock with Review & Pictures!

Bold, dark, mysterious, beautiful.  Can’t think of too much to say about OPI’s new Spain Collection (the Coleccion de Espana), other than its everything we expected it to be.  I personally have to admit that OPI’s fall collections are always my favorite, because they bring out so many of the deep, vampy, classic colors that OPI is famous for.  Indian summer or no, the BOAS staff is considering shifting our wardrobes to deeper fall colors just to accommodate some of these beautiful nail polish colors!

OPI Coleccion de Espana (Spain Collection) In Stock with Review & Pics!

Our suspicions were correct:  Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees and Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow are truly unique and beautiful shades.  Our pre-orders already tell us that these are going to be the hot sellers.  They are definitely slightly darker than they show up in the promotional pictures and the product images on our website, but the shade shown is pretty true to form.  Just slightly deeper and darker.

A surprising LOVE from the collection: Barefoot in Barcelona. This creamy neutral shade is extremely close to CND’s Cocoa, which is an awesome seller and super popular right now.  Lucky Magazine said that “bisque nail polish” that uses “the perfect blend of the most recent color trends: pink, gray & beige” is hot for the season, and that’s just what this is. A tad beige-ier than the France collection’s “Tickle My France-y,” and the perfect everyday neutral.

The promo pics didn’t do Can You Tapas This? any justice; this raisin-y deep reddish brownish color is GORGEOUS.  We were expecting something browner and cooler, but this shade features a deep, warm red that we didn’t see coming.

Several of the shades, including Ate Berries In The Canaries, Pink Flamenco and Pamplona Purple are shades we would categorize as “surprisingly bright and colorful for fall.”  Don’t misunderstand- we love them and they are beautiful!- but bright, to be sure.  Interesting choice, OPI.

All in all, the colors are lovely and definitely shades that we’re expecting OPI to keep in their classic line for awhile.  We’re accepting pre-orders for them now, and will be shipping them next Wednesday, on the official release day.  Buy OPI Coleccion de Espana here!

New Rockaholic Products… including Shampoo Bar!

All Access Shampoo Bar

All Access Shampoo Bar

We have to admit it: We think that shampoo bars are just too cool.  So, as you can imagine, we were doubly excited when Tigi released three new Rockaholic products for the season, including the All Access Shampoo Bar.  Shampoo is notoriously hard to travel with, and we’re pretty sure this is the perfect go-anywhere-solution.  Toss it in a gym bag, purse or suitcase for the perfect sudsy cleanse on the go!

Along with the Shampoo Bar, Tigi added the Groupie Texturizing Spray Pomade as well as the Way Out Super Hair Glue.  Both products make styling super simple, taking into account the unique needs of individual rockstar-inspired styles that we just can’t get enough of!

Not sure if these products are for you?  Each of these new Rockaholic products can achieve different styles effortlessly! Here are our tips for use:

  • Use the Shampoo Bar: For a standard daily cleanse, anywhere!
  • Use the Groupie Spray Pomade: For extra texture and separation with a bit of hold- great for waves or curls!
  • Use the Way Out Glue: For faux hawks, mohawks and general spiky styles that shouldn’t BUDGE

Check out all of the great Rockaholic products here!

New Zoya Nail Polish Collections: Truth or Dare!

We’re always excited to see what Zoya will send us for fall.  More than any of the other nail polish brands that we carry, Zoya always makes an entire collection work together so well.  Seeing the polishes all together always helps us love each individual color that much more!  Zoya sent us two palettes for the 2009 Fall season:

Zoya Truth Collection

Made up of six beautiful and warm metallic colors.  Deep coppers & reds with a couple of purples to compliment fall wardrobes.

New Zoya Nail Polish Collections: Truth or Dare!

Zoya Dare Collection

Six vampy, dark & mysterious opaque, cream polishes.  Dark purples, violets, a blue and even an evergreen for welcoming in cool weather and winter accessorizing.

New Zoya Nail Polish Collections: Truth or Dare!
We have to tell you, they’re as lovely in person as they are in the photos!  We’re selling them like crazy!  Snag these classy collections here!

Let us know what you think of these colors, and if you’ve had time to try them, upload some pictures!

Off the Bridal Shower Bandwagon: Unique Gifts for the Bride

I used to think that summer was all about vacations, warm nights & sunny days, but the older I get, I’m finding that the weekends of my summer are filled with weddings.  And with all of my friends getting married, there seem to be constant bridal showers to attend!  If you’re like me, you’re coming down with the wedding registry blues, and you’re ready to give the bride something she’ll love! Here are some of our from-our-experience tips on getting the bride the perfect, unique gift.

Get Fresh Memories of Paris Bubble Bath

Get Fresh Memories of Paris Bubble Bath

1.  Preparing for a wedding is stressful.  Each bride could really use a break and time to relax more than anything.  Though rest and relaxation don’t fit too well in a box, a spa gift certificate does!  Send the bride-to-be for a day of stress-free pampering!

2.  A complete Breakfast-in-Bed kit for her and her fiance to enjoy on the honeymoon and beyond!  Include cute & comfy pajamas, a bed tray, a pair of plastic place settings and cups that won’t spill in a carefully arranged basket.  How thoughtful!

3.  A beautiful bottle of bubble bath.  The Get Fresh Memories of Paris Bubble Bath is our favorite shower gift to give, because the bubbles are not only scented like a romantic bouquet of flowers, but the gorgeous glass bottle is simply beautiful! A luxurious bath is something a girl never grows out of!

4.  A photo calendar featuring photos of the bride and groom to be!  If you’re close enough to the bride to be able to sneak around her computer (of her fiance is willing to help!), collect 20-30 photos of the couple to make into a photo calendar.  Include their families’ important birthdays, anniversaries and little notes to make their first year together special.

How are you keeping up with all of your bridal showers?  Have any good gift ideas to pass along?  Please share!

Introducing Philip B- the Best Hair Treatments Ever!

Introducing Philip B Hair ProductsWe’re excited to announce that Beauty of a Site has started carrying Philip B Hair Products! We can’t tell you how happy we are to make these products available to our internet community.  Probably the best hair treatments available, Philp B products are carefully designed by Philip B himself, who is truly Hollywood’s hair treatment expert.  Each product specifically addresses the damage that day to day routines can cause hair and besides shampooing, volumizing, anti-frizzing or smoothing, the product deeply treats tired hair, helping your ‘do to look healthier than ever!

The coolest part about Philip B products is that they are not only incredibly effective, but they are based on pure botanical ingredients and essential oils, making them extremely nourishing and safe for your hair.

Featured in magazines worldwide, Philip B products such as the Lovin’ Leave In Conditioner, the Imperial Shampoo & the Maui Wowie Beach Mist have been adored on pages of Lucky Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Life & Style, Glamour & In Style, among many others!

Check out all of the new Philip B products here!

Ever used Philip B?  Let us know what you thought and share your product reviews below!

Loving Emma Watson in The Half Blood Prince

Confession: I saw The Half Blood Prince at midnight on Tuesday. And even though I’m still catching up on sleep, I was far from disappointed. The movie was entertaining, the acting was superb, and Emma Watson is prettier than ever.

Emma Watson at HP Hollywood Premier

Emma Watson at HP Hollywood Premier

When her role as Hermione began, Emma Watson showed up on screen as a frizzy haired young girl whose acting talent and charm captured the hearts of Harry Potter fans everywhere. In a few short years, Emma has grown up to be a beautiful young woman, whose poise and natural beauty are getting as much attention as her skills on the screen.

Now a Vogue covergirl and international super star, Emma Watson’s look is one we can’t get enough of.  We’re featuring her this month in our Steal the Look section here, helping you achieve her loose waves and carefree up-do.

As far as the movie, let me spend three seconds telling you that it was wonderful.  Wasting no time with back story, it dives right in where The Order of the Pheonix left off, sharing deeper emotions, gripping experiences and a very grown up plot line that audiences of all ages will love.

Click here to learn about stealing Emma’s look!

Rainy Days, Jelly Beans, Polish & the Perfect Perfume

Rainy Days, Jelly Beans, Polish & the Perfect Perfume

Do you ever have days at work where you wish the day could just start over?  One of those days when your internet didn’t work until noon, when a shipment of products arrives broken and it’s been raining… all day?  We had one today.  And with almost nothing to do with the first four hours of our day, we dedicated it to enjoying ourselves with everything lovely that our office has to offer.  So, we enjoyed:

1.  The Zoya MatteVelvet Collection.  They’re finally in!  We got OPI’s Matte colors last week and thought they were cool, but we’re totally in love with Posh from Zoya.  This totally flat color has the perfect amount of sparkle in a totally chic deep red color.  The sparkle cheered us up for sure, as did the uber fast drying formula! Didn’t even smudge them typing.

2.  Rosie Jane’s Leila Lou Perfume Oil.  Pure springtime in a bottle.  Around here, we really love Kai’s perfume oil, but several of us have converted to Leila Lou gurus.  This beautiful oil is soft and airy, with beautiful floral hints and the perfect amount of sunny freshness.  We might have all been in a horrible mood today, but we smelled fantastic the whole time.

3.  Jelly Bean party.  At about 1:30pm on such frustrating days, we bust out a gazillion-flavor collection of Jelly Bellies and let crazy flavors like Buttered Popcorn, Jalepeno & Margarita let us “drown our sorrows” in sugar-y goodness.  It’s five o’clock somewhere, right!?

4.  Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask.  So, here’s the deal: this is an incredibly moisturizing hair mask that gives your hair just a little added conditioning when your hair needs it most.  We were nervous to try it, as none of us had exceptionally coarse or dry hair, but we were happy to discover that it truly is designed for all hair types!  And to boot- we’re convinced it makes an excellent lotion.  The Boss unpacked a broken shipment today and managed to get it all over herself, and concluded that she might just start using it as a lotion.  Sure smells good enough to!

The good news, is on days like today when the world (or the office) comes crashing down, working around some of the cutest, happiest most fabulous products ever sure makes our job just a little bit easier.  🙂

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