Loving Emma Watson in The Half Blood Prince

Confession: I saw The Half Blood Prince at midnight on Tuesday. And even though I’m still catching up on sleep, I was far from disappointed. The movie was entertaining, the acting was superb, and Emma Watson is prettier than ever.

Emma Watson at HP Hollywood Premier

Emma Watson at HP Hollywood Premier

When her role as Hermione began, Emma Watson showed up on screen as a frizzy haired young girl whose acting talent and charm captured the hearts of Harry Potter fans everywhere. In a few short years, Emma has grown up to be a beautiful young woman, whose poise and natural beauty are getting as much attention as her skills on the screen.

Now a Vogue covergirl and international super star, Emma Watson’s look is one we can’t get enough of.  We’re featuring her this month in our Steal the Look section here, helping you achieve her loose waves and carefree up-do.

As far as the movie, let me spend three seconds telling you that it was wonderful.  Wasting no time with back story, it dives right in where The Order of the Pheonix left off, sharing deeper emotions, gripping experiences and a very grown up plot line that audiences of all ages will love.

Click here to learn about stealing Emma’s look!

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