OPI Coleccion de Espana (Spain Collection) in Stock with Review & Pictures!

Bold, dark, mysterious, beautiful.  Can’t think of too much to say about OPI’s new Spain Collection (the Coleccion de Espana), other than its everything we expected it to be.  I personally have to admit that OPI’s fall collections are always my favorite, because they bring out so many of the deep, vampy, classic colors that OPI is famous for.  Indian summer or no, the BOAS staff is considering shifting our wardrobes to deeper fall colors just to accommodate some of these beautiful nail polish colors!

OPI Coleccion de Espana (Spain Collection) In Stock with Review & Pics!

Our suspicions were correct:  Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees and Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow are truly unique and beautiful shades.  Our pre-orders already tell us that these are going to be the hot sellers.  They are definitely slightly darker than they show up in the promotional pictures and the product images on our website, but the shade shown is pretty true to form.  Just slightly deeper and darker.

A surprising LOVE from the collection: Barefoot in Barcelona. This creamy neutral shade is extremely close to CND’s Cocoa, which is an awesome seller and super popular right now.  Lucky Magazine said that “bisque nail polish” that uses “the perfect blend of the most recent color trends: pink, gray & beige” is hot for the season, and that’s just what this is. A tad beige-ier than the France collection’s “Tickle My France-y,” and the perfect everyday neutral.

The promo pics didn’t do Can You Tapas This? any justice; this raisin-y deep reddish brownish color is GORGEOUS.  We were expecting something browner and cooler, but this shade features a deep, warm red that we didn’t see coming.

Several of the shades, including Ate Berries In The Canaries, Pink Flamenco and Pamplona Purple are shades we would categorize as “surprisingly bright and colorful for fall.”  Don’t misunderstand- we love them and they are beautiful!- but bright, to be sure.  Interesting choice, OPI.

All in all, the colors are lovely and definitely shades that we’re expecting OPI to keep in their classic line for awhile.  We’re accepting pre-orders for them now, and will be shipping them next Wednesday, on the official release day.  Buy OPI Coleccion de Espana here!


4 Responses

  1. I just pre-ordered these from your site for my girlfriend and can not wait to surprise her with them!!! you guys give the best reviews and always have all the new stuff first!!
    I know that she will be sooo happy to get these…..thanks!

  2. Thank you for posting these actual swatches…..it is so nice to see them on someone’s actual HAND, instead of seeing a pic of a bottle. I am so excited to try the green, and after seeing the pics, I also ordered the beige color too.
    I can’t wait to try them, and show them off to all my girlfriends. I love being first to debut a new color : )

    Thanks Beauty of a Site….you guys rock! You definately have earned my repeat business and I always suggest you to my friends!

  3. Disappointed with Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. It is black as far as I can see–I was hoping for that lovely dark cool olive in the promo pictures.

    • Amy- we’re so sorry to hear about your disappointment. We found too that just one coat too many could totally change the green color. We are actually wearing it in the picture, but we only applied about a coat and a half (one full coat and a few touch ups) to get that bright color in the picture. We hope you have better luck in future applications!

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