Hello Fall. You Smell Wonderful.

Smells seem to create the fondest, clearest and most cherished memories from my childhood.  Crunchy leaves and campfires, heavy sweaters out of the dryer, pumpkin pies, cinnamon and spiced cider are some of my favorite smells in the world and help me settle comfortably into the swing of the Fall season.  And now that I don’t always have time to bake, and my house in the burbs doesn’t allow for campfires, I rely on Aunt Sadie’s Candles to help set the mood for the changing seasons:

Aunt Sadie's Candles: Autumn Bouquet & Autumn Leaves

Aunt Sadie's Candles: Autumn Bouquet & Autumn Leaves

The Aunt Sadie’s Autumn Leaves candle is totally my favorite.  It smells of spice & cinnamon and most of all: pumpkin.  I might not need to bake any pumpkin pies this season with this burning in my kitchen! Absolutely lovely.  And cute to boot!

Aunt Sadie’s Autumn Bouquet Candle is so unique, it’s hard to describe.  A fresh and unspicy scent, the Autumn Bouquet candle is scented with cranberry & oranges.  I know it sounds funny, but it truly is reminiscent of the best part of fall, and a fresh change from the heavier and spicy scents we often associate with the season.

Whatever scent you may be searching for, Aunt Sadie’s most likely has the perfect candle to offer.  Hand made using premium wax and burning for nearly 70 hours, these candles are a bargain! Shop for them here!


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