Principessa’s Royal Makeover- New Sugar Scrub!

Principessa Delizia Mia Creamy Sugar PolishPrincipessa’s beloved Delizia Mia Sugar Polish has received a makeover of royal proportions. Now in a luxurious, thick format, Delizia Mia is now a Creamy Sugar Polish. While the original sugar polish featured the normal oil / scrub mixture, the improved Principessa formula scrubs and exfoliates like always, but in a creamy, lotion like format. Packaged with beneficial organic extracts and nourishing shea butter, the Delizia Mia Sugar Polish leaves your skin silky smooth- with no oily residue!

Both Principessa’s original and new sugar polishes are simple to use and give great results.  Simply massage on wet skin until your skin feels silky and quenched and you’ve successfully smoothed and exfoliated.  Be careful not to use on skin that’s irritated- the sugar polishes are best for use on freshly washed, clear skin.

Are you a huge fan of the old scrub? We do have some left, so grab them now- click here to purchase one! If you’re ready to check out Principessa’s new and improved scrub, click here!


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