Where InStyle Loves Us!

InStyle just gushed about the best beauty buys that they found in 2009, and we’re excited to find that we offer many of them!  Each year, InStyle helps readers sift through the best of what’s on the market, and helps us all to choose the best products for the money to get affordable and worthwhile results.

In 2009, InStyle loved Essie.  Essie Mademoiselle won InStyle’s award for best neutral.  A celebrity nail pro is quoted as saying that of the “300 polish shades in my kit, … this is the one I use 60 percent of the time.”  Essie’s orange-y red Geranium stole the award for the best coral with its “sassy and sophisticated” style.

In 2009, InStyle couldn’t get enough of the Beauty Blender.  This unique cosmetics applicator takes blending to a professional level, and won the category for best foundation applicator of the year.  We love it.

In 2009, InStyle gushed over Freeze 24/7’s Freeze & Go compact as the best line filler they saw all year.  Calling this amazing little products a  “needle-free alternative to Botox,” InStyle loved how this hot product offered instant gratification.

Check out these products and more on Beauty of a Site’s InStyle feature pageClick here to visit it!


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