OPI Hong Kong Collection (Promo Pics!)

Introducing OPI’s newest collection for 2010: the Hong Kong Collection.  This huge variety of bright colors ushers in a new season.  Full of life, possibility and energy, the Hong Kong collection is brimming with excitement!  Here are shots of the collection:

OPI Hong Kong Collection

OPI Hong Kong Collection

Attempting to capture the vitality of the colorful culture of Hong Kong, this collection combines incredibly bright cremes with pearly pastels, frosty mauves and even glistening neutrals.  Part of the artistry of these new polishes is the way they set each other off- which we think is quite beautifully!  With such a variety to choose from, there truly is something for everyone in OPI’s newest collection.

Our picks for the season:

1.  Jade is the New Black:  By far the truest jade we’ve seen from OPI, this gorgeous green is a refreshing choice.  As sophisticated as Here Today from the Spain collection, Jade features a distinctly blue undertone with a subtly muted but classically green finish.

2. Meet Me on the Star Ferry:  Incredible!  Like some of our fellow bloggers, we weren’t too optimistic about this seemingly boring and old-fashioned mauve.  But the pictures simply don’t do it justice!  This extremely rich purple / brown shade features a subtle multi-shimmer that makes it one of the most unique colors of the entire collection.  It’s deep base with hints of plum really set it apart as the perfect color for Spring!

3.  Suzi Says Feng Shui:  OPI continues their two year streak of popular blues with the release of Suzie Says Feng Shui.  This cobalt blue with dusty undertones is a lovely cream, bold without being neon and perfectly blue without any teal.  Perfect!

CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER THESE SHADES! We’ll start shipping out orders this week!  Try out these incredible colors and let us know what you think!


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