Let Winter Get Dull, but NOT your Hair!

P'raw'duct Shine DropsAbout this time every winter, I get to a point where the magic of winter has faded and I’m left with nothing but wet boots, dry skin and insanely static-y hair.  The wet boots can dry and dry skin can be moisturized (I love Hempz lotion, personally), but it wasn’t until recently that I found the perfect cure for static, winter-dried hair: P’raw’duct Shine Drops.

An essential oil based botanical formula, P’raw’duct’s shine drops add lustre, shine and intense moisture to dull and dried out hair (which is the perfect description of my hair in February).  Put a dab of the nutrient rich formula on your fingers and brush it lightly over already styled hair to tame fly-aways, static and give hair the natural shine of hydrated hair.

The bottle I got last summer will last me nearly a full year before it’s gone, so each bottle goes a long way!  To sweeten the deal a little bit, Beauty of a Site is offering a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal on this product for the entire month of February.  It’s the perfect time to give it a try!

Check out this deal and the rest of our monthly specials here.

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