L’Eau de la Season: Intoxicating Floral Fragrances

The fresh smell of late Spring as it transitions to Summer is most powerfully captured in a collection of floral fragrances.  A bouquet of wildflowers captures the essence of the sweetness of the the season.  Make florals a part of your routine and bring all of the best parts of the season with you – all day long!  Here are our favorite youthful, colorful, floral fragrances:

Kai Perfume Oil Kai Perfume Oil, $42, is a romantic bouquet of tropical flowers, inspired by the sweet smell of the Hawaiian islands. Featuring romantic gardenia and an intoxicating blend of white florals, this romantic, exotic, floral fragrance is as breezy as a beach in paradise.
Crazy Libellule & the Poppies Crazy Libellule & the Poppies Litchi Blossom, $16, twist up solid fragrance features not only an extremely affordable and unique formula, but captures the fresh and romantic essence of rose, accompanied by geranium, litchi (or “lychee”) and mint. Soft, mystical and rosie, this glorious and fresh fragrance is as carefree in scent as it is in application.
Filles des Iles Floral Solaire Filles des Iles Floral Solaire, $50 (on sale!), features classic floral notes like lily and orchid, deliciously accented by passion fruit, starfruit and a whisp of tropical breeze. Like a day on the shores of Saint Barth’s, the delicious Filles des Iles blend is irresistible.

Dryers, Diffusers & Irons… Oh My!

Metropolis Styling IronsIts time for a new hair dryer.  I can tell because my own has become increasingly loud.  Its filter is wearing out pretty frequently, it smells “hot” all the time, and frankly, it’s being more and more abusive to my hair.  If you, like me, are looking for a replacement for a hair dryer or flat iron we have good news:  You can get a new tool without breaking the bank.  For the month of May (only a couple days left!) we’re offering professional Metropolis Technology products at severely reduced prices (like, up to $75 off).

Metropolis’ innovative technology is crazy advanced, incorporating ionic and tourmaline technology into their products.  These technologies keep hair shiny and healthy, even with repeated heat styling, for better shine and texture.  This is hard to come by- particularly at affordable prices.  Don’t buy a cheap dryer at the supermarket; for not much more, you can have a professional quality dryer or iron that will last years and give much better results.

Metropolis T-Ion Mini Dryer

Metropolis T-Ion Mini Dryer & Accessories

As with cars, life insurance and shoes, the more you invest in styling tools does allow you to purchase a better product.  Especially with Metropolis their higher regular price point ($125-195) is indicative of their superior quality.  However, with their best products being so greatly reduced, you can afford the incredible quality!  The T-Ion Chopstick Styler, for example, is only $100 this month (knocked down from $175).  This is one of our best styling irons, made totally affordable for anyone!

Traveling much this summer?  Metropolis had ADORABLE and highly effective travel sized irons and dryers; even a travel sized kit with all the necessities.  While making their quality products much smaller, Metropolis didn’t shirk any quality in their miniatures.  The small dryer (click here, $65), for example, still puts out a startling 1000 watts.  Now THAT’s power.

You can browse the entire Metropolis line here.

More Summer Lacquer from OPI & Essie

Though we’ve barely had time to enjoy our brand new OPI Spain & Shrek Collections, not to mention the brand new Resort Collection from Essie, both popular nail polish creators have something special planned for us for the summer! OPI will be releasing the Flutter Collection alongside Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection within the week – you can start pre-ordering today!!

OPI Summer 2010 Flutter Nail Polish & Nail LacquerBe the first among nail polish gurus everywhere to get these polishes by placing a pre-order. When we receive the polishes in stock either late this week or early next week, yours will ship automatically, without any worries about us running out of stock! Click here to pre-order OPI Flutter and here to pre-order Essie Summer 2010.

OPI Flutter features four new shades, each creative, complex and brilliant in the sunlight. Catch Me In Your Net, the blue of the collection, is my personal favorite color that OPI has released this year, featuring extremely small glitter for a subtle sheen over a comfortably warm turquoise infused blue that is airy but bold. Seriously ladies; it’s gorgeous. Also in the collection are Flit a Bit (orange/coral), Flower-to-Flower (warm pink) and Wing It (deep pink with sheen).

Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection draws its colors from the season’s fashion design, featuring classic, feminine, edgy and bold colors, all in the same collection.  This truly is an odd mix of color, but the interesting palette helps to identify the edgy styles of the summer, ranging from a soft and sexy feminine pink to a powerfully seductive deep green.  Both Pretty Edgy (deep green) and Demure Vixen (orchid / lavender with sheen) are getting all sorts of attention, both for their individuality and the interesting way in which they fit into the color palette.  The other colors in the collection, including Haute As Hello (pink / coral), Knockout Pout (bright pink), Miss Matched (muted neutral lavender) and Vermillionaire (bright red), are more classically Essie, though deliciously classic with a modern twist of color variation.

Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Make sure and pre-order your polish today!  As the products arrive in stock, we’ll definitely try them on and share our swatches!  Check back later this week and early next week for more details!

Looking forward to Carrie-ing On

Flirty, fun and fabulous, everybody at Beauty of a Site is terribly excited to see the newest Sex in the City movie. The fashion alone makes the movie worthwhile, but there is so much to be excited about:

1. The scenes that take place in Abu Dhabi: Set in the exotic middle east, this part of the movie was actually filmed in Morocco. The interesting landscape and gorgeous palette of desert colors allowed designers and stylists to go crazy with Carrie and the girls. We can’t wait to see all of their interesting creations.

Sex in the City 2

2. The shoes: We love these shoes. Though some of us aren’t as talented as the SATC stars at pulling them off, just imagining owning such adorable and classy shoes is so much fun. Carrie’s gold Christian Louboutins are GORGEOUS and totally the talk of the business. Drooling. Read more about the shoes at Cosmo’s site, here.

3. Carrie’s hair: Carrie is always sporting a style that is bold and beautiful. Her stylists defy conventional boundaries to create truly unique and innovative hair styles that redefine the way stylists do hair. With turbans and desert sands to work with, we can’t wait to see what her designers come up with.

4.  Aiden Shaw: Yum.  For all the team Aiden fans out there, it’s your time!

Looking to keep up with all the newest gossip?  Sign up for our email newsletter here to keep up with the fabulous four’s celebrity looks!  Also, check out the Sex and the City 2 Movie Fansite – it’s got all the juicy stuff.  🙂

Check out tips for achieving these stars’ beautiful looks at our Steal the Look profile section. Click here to check it out!

Escape to a Resort- with Essie!

Essie’s Resort Collection for Summer 2010 is beautiful, airy and as fresh as a coastal vacation.  Take a whiff of fresh ocean air when wearing these four new colors to relax and enjoy your vacation filled summer.  Calm and sophisticated, the Essie Resort nail polish hues are extremely unique, and the perfect shades for your summer.

We have to admit, once we received these colors in our salon, we were surprised to see that they were a little more lively and vibrant than the promo pictures.  It is the perfect mixture of a fun vacation and a calm getaway: the perfectly colored middle!

Here are our swatches!

Essie Resort Nail Polish Collection

Playa Del Platinum is a gorgeous neutral, with warm browns- the color of shells and pristine beaches.  Perfect for business meetings as well as warm afternoons in the sun, this pink toned brown neutral is feminine and simple.

Turquoise & Caicos is a cooler, calmer hue reminiscent of the popular jades, turquoises and greens of the season.  Fresh and relaxing, this turquoise is perfect to express creativity, excitement and a subtle playfulness.

Lapis of Luxury explores the deep blues of the sea.  Musty but gentle, this periwinkle based blue is airy and breezy, beautiful against all skin tones and refreshingly distinct from the other colors of the season.

Splash of Grenadine is a neat twist on Essie’s staple pink featured in almost all of her collections.  The perfect-for-your-toes magenta is more calm than the average bright pink, but is fun, cool and spunky.  For the woman of all ages!

Let us know what you think about these beautiful shades!  CLICK HERE to start shopping for them!

Nightly Routine for Glowing Skin

Plank Cor Silver Bar SoapWrapped in shimmery silver and black, this odd brown looking soap hardly looks like the miracle we’ve all found it to be.  Each Cor Silver Soap looks like this: the funny color, in a thick circular shape, and hardly any different than any bar of soap you’ve ever used.  But the results, dear friends, are far from ordinary.

The staff of Beauty of a Site have all tried Cor, and every single one of us that has tried it– young’uns fresh out of college, hard working women of their thirties, dear mothers and grandmas– has absolutely loved the results they’ve seen.  Each lady reported a tighter, brighter skin tone, featuring a healthy glow, a slightly smoother complexion and a gradual evening of spots and scars, even controlling breakouts.  The soap’s miracle ingredient, silver, has a bacteria fighting quality whose results are truly unmatched in the skincare industry.

Here is the tried and true nightly routine that we have all adopted for maintaining these great results:

1.  Wet face and hands.  Work up a lather of Cor soap.  A little bit goes a long way, so you’ll only need a bit off the bar to actually get the lather going.

2.  Apply soap to damp face, working the soap into the skin all over face.  Do take care to avoid your eyes!

3.  Let the soap sit.  Give the soap about a minute to do some intense cleaning.  Tidy your bathroom sink, brush your teeth – do whatever you want to do – but make sure and give the active ingredients some time to do magic.

4.  Rinse your face thoroughly, perhaps using a wash cloth.  Notice the tightening you’ll already be able to feel – the soap is working!

5.  For any problem areas or breakouts, leave a bit of Cor soap on the spot overnight.  Be amazed by the progress you’ll see in healing by the next morning.

6.  Keep up your routine.  You’ll see some small results immediately, but the best and fullest results come with repeated use.

Cor Silver Soap

Interested in trying Cor soap, but not sure about the investment?  Start out by purchasing the travel sized bar for only $14!  This small bar will go a long way, and is definitely enough of the soap to help you see all of the stages of benefits before investing in the larger bars.  See all of the Cor skincare products here.

Fresh Make-Up for Your Summer Fling

Summer MakeUp and CosmeticsFreshen up your cosmetics bag with bright new colors for the summer season.  We’ve seen marigold yellows and chartreuses and limes in our nail polish palettes, and a with little skill, those same colors can be used with makeup to create a truly unique and beautiful look.  Here are our tips for this light and summery look:

1.  Shiney Pink Lips:  Drawing together all these bright colors is a classic, cool pink lip gloss.  Almost any shade of pink will do, but our very favorite for the job is DuWop’s Pink Shimmer Lip Venom. The plump lips will draw attention to your traditional feminine curves in offset of your non-traditional color scheme.

2.  Yellow / Lime Eyes:  As strange as it may sound, especially girls with dark hair can beautifully sport these bright summer colors.  Apply lightly all over lid and under eyebrows, adding sparkly white at the inside corner of your eye.  We suggest Bed Head’s Cyberoptics Eyeshadow in Lime.

3.  Pink Cheeks:  Set aside your orange-y bronzer for this colorful look.  Choose a classic pink to match your gloss! The Orglamix Pure Mineral Blush has the perfect consistency and shimmer for this light and airy summery pink.  We think the Pink Pepper color would be perfect.

4.  Flawless Complexion:  To keep attention on the vibrant colors, a flawless complexion is absolutely necessary for a carefree summer.  Find a light-reflecting, moisture rich tinted moisturizer that will even out your complexion without the added weight of thick foundation.  Our very favorite tinted moisturizer is Urban Apothecary’s Supernatural Mineral Sheer Tint.  It’s soft weight and beautiful luminosity is perfect for summer.

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