Flirty & Perty with Booty Parlor

Booty Parlor has been giving us frisky, luxurious skincare and gifts for years, but we’re totally excited by their two newest products!  Perfect for an extra special Friday night, or for maintaining beautiful skin through daily use, these are essentials for dames who love to feel gorgeous!

Booty Parlor Lust Me, Dust Me Kissable Body Shimmer Trio: This group of three shimmering powders will add subtle sheen to any skin tone that not only makes your skin look sexy, but features three beautiful (and tasty!) fragrances and flavors! Click here to check it out.

Booty Parlor’s Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub with Pheromones: Featuring skin polishing beads and sugar, Pink Caviar Scrub features BP’s secret weapon: a powerful pheromone designed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex!

Booty Parlor Products with Phermones

Need Help Applying Falsies?

How to Apply False EyelashesWho doesn’t!?

Applying false eyelashes can seem pretty daunting, and without some tips, it can be a big fat mess.  But never fear- when done properly (and when you have the know-how) it’s a breeze and looks great every time!

1.  First things first- trip ’em up!  False eyelashes are one size fits all, so to make sure that they look natural on your face, trim them to the exact size and shape of your eyes.  Feel free to adjust the length of the individual lashes and the density of the group to get the look you’re wanting.

2. Don’t over-glue.  Glue is the “scariest” part about applying your own lashes, but it doesn’t have to be.  Squeeze out a little bit of the glue onto a paper towel, a sponge or even the back of your hand, and carefully dip the edge of the falsies into the glob, getting just enough glue on the lashes.  This way, glue stays on the lashes and can’t drip where it shouldn’t be.

3. Make sure to mascara!  The best trick for getting your false lashes to stay put is by applying mascara very carefully after your lashes are firmly dried in place.  By applying mascara over both your natural and false lashes, the normal adhesion of the mascara holds both groups of lashes together and makes them blend perfectly, for extra hold and a perfect match!

4.  Get gutsy.  The best part about false eyelashes is their ability to give you a totally new look.  Try thicker, thinner, more colorful, more dramatic or sexier lashes to fit your mood, costume or plans!  Here are our suggestions for the best lashes for your style:

Sexy: Eye Candy Strip Lashes, $9

Gaga-style party: Tinsel Town Strip Lashes, $9

Dramatic: Been Around Strip Lashes, $9

Natural: Black Sweeties Invisi-band Lashes, $6.50

Classic: Black Demi Wispies Invisi-band Lashes, $6.50

Click here to browse all of these sexy lashes!

Fearless heat styling… at 15% off.

The most damaging ritual that we subject our hair to starts every morning when we plug in a high temperature, 2000 watt hair dryer, an incredibly hot flat iron and a wickedly searing curling iron.  The changes of our hair surviving unscathed are slim to none… unless we’re using GHD.  And what do you know… it’s on sale!

GHD Haircare

Considered by hair care professionals as the global leader in heat-styling, GHD’s product range features innovative thermodynamic formulas designed to protect hair from daily heat abuse.  Wash with shampoos and conditioners that fortify hair, infusing your hair with shine, style with thermal protectors and finish with protective sprays and creams that elegantly frame your ‘do.

Check out all that GHD has to offer during the month of September, when we’re offering every single product at 15% off.  Click here to browse them all!

Fall Make-Up Trends 2010

Fall Makeup Trends 2010It’s been cool enough here in the Midwest this week for us to talk like it’s Fall.  Along with cardigans, books and other Fall goodies, we’re making some subtle adjustments to our cosmetic bag that scream, “hey, it’s Fall!”  Here’s our quick guide to small changes you can make to freshen up your style for the Fall season:

1.  Neutral nail shades.  Glamour’s August issue warned us that we’d be seeing neutral nail shades everywhere we looked, and we’re here to report that we are!  Along with Glamour, we totally recommend Essie’s Mink Muffs (a classy, sassy taupe) and OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques! (funky grey-beige creme) as the coolest neutrals of the season.

2.  Pucker up with red lips!  Whether you’re heading to a show with friends or to an office meeting, rock classic red lips to liven up your look.  The bright lips work best with simple eyes (maybe even mascara only) and only a light bronzer instead of pinker blush.  Let your lips do the talking!  Do it best with DuWop’s Private Red Lipstick which magically adjusts to be your own personal perfect red shade!

3.  Eyebrows that show.  That’s right kids… stop plucking those suckers.  This trend started showing up earlier this year, but has really established itself both on the runways and in our own back yard.  With neutral makeup and a clean look being such a big part of fall style, having eyebrows to shape your face and give your look some color is a welcome change.  Keep your brows even and in order using Blinc’s Eyebrow Mousse in the color that’s right for you!

Product Review: Juara Candlenut Body Creme

Juara Candlenut Body CremeFor the month of September, Beauty of a Site is partnering with Juara to offer ALL of their incredible skincare products at 15% off- all month long, on any sized order!

In honor of those momentous occasion, I wanted to try out one of their most popular products: The Candlenut Body Creme.

First impressions: Hello tropical. It’s not an overpowering tanning oil-infused tropical smell, but a soft, calm, relaxing nutty smell (reminiscent of coconut). I hate overpowering fragrances, and this formula featured the perfect balance.

Consistency: As a body creme, the product is definitely thick and creamy, but not in any way heavy. The moisturizer almost feels whipped; light enough to soak in, but thick enough to nourish the skin.

Result: Skin feels silky, not sticky, but deeply moisturized. The scent lingers slightly, which has a surprisingly powerful calming effect! I actually used the product on recently sunburnt skin, and was amazed by how soothing the creme was! It isn’t necessarily designed for healing, but it was so moisturizing that I felt serious improvement.

Usage: Because of the creme’s thick consistency, a little goes a LONG way! I used a .17 oz sample and was able to apply the creme liberally on both my arms and legs.  Success!

I highly suggest giving this body creme a try, particularly at such a great price!  Click here to check it out!

LABOR DAY DISCOUNT- Our gift to you!

To help our customers celebrate the hard working spirit of the American people, we want to say thank you!  Use the coupon code below to save 15% on any order placed between this morning and midnight on Monday night.  It’s an excellent deal!

Not sure where to shop?  Click here to see all of our newest items; they’re perfect gifts for dear friends or for yourself, to celebrate your hard work over the last year.

Save 15% on Any Orders through Labor Day

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