OPI Katy Perry Collection – Video Swatches!

Far from your mother’s nail polish company, OPI is making bold moves in touching the artistic heart of a new generation.  Their newest collection, the OPI Katy Perry Collection, releases in January, featuring four shameless new shades along with a brand new nail polish finish: OPI Shatter.

OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish Collection Teenage DreamThe four new shades, from left to right, are Teenage Dream (lavender), The One That Got Away (burgandy), Not Like the Movies (gunmetal grey)Last Friday Night (light blue shimmer) and (not pictured), OPI Black Shatter.

OPI Black Shatter just looks black in the bottle, but it’s crinkle top sets it apart as special.  And that’s exactly what it is!  Layer on top of any other color, as as it dries, watch it crackle, revealing whichever color is layered underneath.  Cool, huh?

Check out this video from OPI featuring each of the new colors, the OPI Black Shatter effect and even a sneak peak from the OPI Serena collection, releasing next Spring!

2 Responses

  1. HI

    My craclke nail polish is not working anymore, why is this?

    I have only used it twice.

    • I’m not sure why that would be! We haven’t had that experience! – if you’d like to email our office at info{at}beautyofasite.com, our staff will do our best to help you out. Did you purchase your crackle nail polish from us?

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