OPI Katy Perry Swatches, Part 2

Hey friends!  I finally had time to play with the Katy Perry polish, so I wanted to post some swatches of what the colors look like on the nail, as well as under normal, at-home, low lighting.  Here are the four colors on the nail:

OPI Not Like the Movies Katy Perry Collection OPI Teenage Dream Katy Perry Nail Lacquer Collection
OPI Last Friday Night Katy Perry Collection Nail Polish OPI The One That Got Away Katy Perry Collection

The two glitter-y polishes, OPI Last Friday Night (blue) and OPI Teenage Dream (light blue) take several coats to get the results posted on our swatches from yesterday.  The results in the pictures above were two coats; full coverage would take at least three and perhaps four.  Perhaps the most interesting about these colors in the variety of glitter included in the polish.  Large flecks alongside more subtle shimmer makes a beautiful effect.

My favorite: The One That Got Away.  This probably does not surprise you, based on my love for vampy colors, burgandies and shimmer.  Really, how could I not love this color?

That being said, I was surprised how much I liked it.  More than a burgundy, OPI The One That Got Away is really a fuschia, way more pink than burgundy, featuring a rosy shimmer and nice, even undertones.  Really beautiful.

Let us know what you’re loving from the collection.  We’d love to hear about it  : )

Katy Perry & Black Shatter: IN STOCK w/ Swatches!

GREAT NEWS!  We now have both the OPI Katy Perry collection AND the Black Shatter polish available for purchase at Beauty of a Site! You can order these colors right now!  We’re stoked to be one of the first to offer Black Shatter, and we’re excited that our customers will be among the first to own it!


Here are our swatches of the Katy Perry Collection:

OPI Katy Perry Collection Black Shatter In Stock Pics

And, our absolute favorite thing we’ve seen from OPI this year: OPI BLACK SHATTER!!  Here’s Black Shatter applied to all of the Katy Perry colors.  Read tips below for making Black Shatter work for you!  You can order all of these colors here.

OPI Black Shatter with Katy Perry Collection In Stock Swatches

Note the difference an extra coat of OPI Black Shatter makes – cool huh!

Here are some tips for really making Black Shatter work for you:

1.  OPI Black Shatter is perfect for coating on any OPI color – not just Katy Perry.  The crazy bold brights have a powerful effect, and so do the really vampy violets and greens.  Experiment away.

2.  For OPI Black Shatter to work just right, your base coat nail polish color must be 100% dry.  In fact, we’re suggesting you paint your nails, go do something else, and come back sometime in the next hour to do your second coat, to make sure that the effect is perfect.

3.  Adding extra coats of OPI Black Shatter gives a totally different effect.  Check out the Black Shatter swatch all the way on the left (only one coat) compared to the swatch all the way on the right (two coats)- the cracks are much more prominent and separated.  The variety is awesome!

4. When you first apply the polish, it will look thin and uneven, but don’t worry – it’s supposed to! Shortly after it starts to dry, it will crack and separate for the effect above.


A Little Essie- Just For You

January’s one of those busy months for everyone; kids start school again, everyone’s trying to recover from the holidays, taxes need to be done, working hard on our resolutions… it’s easy to lose yourself in piles of to-do lists and millions of schedules.  Our advice:  give yourself something.  Something small, but something special.

For the busy woman in January, we suggest:  a new shade of Essie nail polish.  Choose something different than you usually wear.  Something you’ve seen in magazines but don’t usually have the guts to wear.  With some of Essie’s most treasured colors at 15% off, you have the freedom to pick something you won’t wear every day for about the cost of a cup of coffee.  And chances are… you’ll fall in love with it!! Click here to see the discounted Essie colors.

Here are our top three “just-for-fun” Essie colors, on sale right now!

Essie Sew Psyched

Essie “Sew Psyched” (sage pewter)
from the Fall 2010 Collection

Essie Tart Deco

Essie “Tart Deco” (coral)
from the Spring 2010 Collection

Essie Going Incognito

Essie “Going Incognito” (emerald green)
from the Winter 2010 Collection

Keeping Blackheads Under Control

Unsightly, persistent and downright annoying, blackheads are a serious killjoy.  Blackheads are just like any other pimples, except that they form in wide open pores and remain uncovered.  Touching the air turns the pimples black, and helps them pop out for the world to see.  So starting right now, we make it stop.  Here are six quick steps to help you stay blackhead free!

1. CLEANSE:  Keep your skin clean!  Choose an acne cleanser with either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to fight oily build-ups.  A routine is key- don’t let the grime creep up on you!  We suggest something like Dermastage’s Acne Cleanser.

2. TONE:  Choose an alcohol-free facial toner to balance the ph-level of your skin.  Toners are designed to keep your skin healthy, allowing for ultimate moisture absorption and shrinking pores.  We suggest Alba Botanica’s Sea Kelp Facial Toner, full of certified organic and extremely powerful ingredients.  Perfect!

3. SPOT TREAT: When and if pimples sneak through your defense, treat them right away! Choose an acne gel or acid treatment very much like Dermastage’s Acne Relief Gel to dry up the pimple as quickly as possible!

4.  MOISTURIZE: The key to avoiding blackheads taking over your face is constant exfoliation.  To offset this scrubbing, however, healthy skin needs moisture to keep proper levels of elasticity.  Moisturizing before exfoliating is key.  Exfoliating opens up pores and clears them out, and even though moisturizer is excellent for your face, leaving pores clear after exfoliating is a much better idea.  So let your face soak up some moisture before you scrub! Try a super energizing moisturizer like Cor Silver’s Anytime Moisturizer.

5. EXFOLIATE: At least twice a week, scrub your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.  Especially during the dry season, dead skin cells build up on the surface of your face and create blockages.  Keep your pores clear and open with a simple scrub, like Juara’s Rice Facial Scrub.

6. MASK:  Once a week, polish off your skincare routine with a clarifying mask that not only removes built up deposits but also includes a chemical exfoliant to eat up tough-to-clear build up.  Our new favorite mask is The Holy Mud Company’s Pumpkin Glycolic Mask.

Work these steps into your routine and watch black heads disappear!

Red Carpet Rundown: Golden Globes Best & Worst!

Who were your favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet?  We were totally impressed with the creativity and variety of the dresses, designers and celebs this year.  Though others had truly beautiful makeup (um, Scarlett Johansson!), stellar dates (like Brad Pitt), or some gorgeous jewelry, here are the best and the worst dresses from the Red Carpet, based on our office vote!

The very very very worst (by a landslide vote): Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011 Worst Dressed

Picking the very best was much much harder for us.  With such a variety, how do we decide?  Alas, we narrowed it down to our top five.  Drumroll, please….

For incredible glitter, gold shoes and some serious guts: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011

For the perfect dress on the perfect body in the perfect color: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011

For looking killer in black, with great curves and a beautiful back: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011

For an absolutely beautiful dress with stylish details and beautiful accents: Megan Fox

Megan Fox Golden Globe Red Carpet 2011
And last but certainly note least, for pulling off a creative vintage look flawlessly: Scarlett Johansson: (and PS… she’s my personal favorite. 🙂

Scarlett Johansson Red Carpet Golden Globes 2011

Let us know which you prefer! They’re unbelievable!

Here Goes Awards Season 2011!

Awards Season now fully in swing with the Golden Globes, we’re celebrating our favorite time of year at Beauty of the Site.  We love watching the dresses, the routines, the red carpet gossip and the way that Hollywood’s best designers pull out all the stops! We’re looking forward to tonight’s celebration of 2010 cinema, and especially the beauty and poise of Hollywood’s A-List actresses.  Here are some of our favorites, both for their performances but even more for their incredible glamour!  Check back tomorrow for our Red Carpet Rundown!

Natalie Portman, The Black Swan

Natalie Portman Golden Globes 2011

Nicole Kidman, The Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Rabbit Hole 2011

Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes 2011

Winterize Your Skin: How to Beat Dryness

Mid January, there’s nothing I reach into my purse for more than my lip salve.  I feel like my lips are terribly dry all the time, and I spend tons of time and energy fighting that dryness.  Unfortunately, my skin is in bad shape too, but I rarely dedicate any time to protecting it like I fight off dry lips.  I slap on moisturizer so that I can apply makeup, I put on lotion so that my legs don’t feel dry, but I often have to deal with breakouts and dull skin as the months progress.

What’s a girl to do? How can I “winterize” my skin?

While working at Beauty of a Site, I finally learned the best practice for keeping my skin clean, healthy, moisturized and protected during the harsh winter months.  The two major steps?

1.  EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE.  We can’t stress this enough.  More than any other time of the year, our skin gets dry and dead skin cells build up on the surface of our body.  We can apply lotion and they don’t show, but the cells still hang around, and can cause irritation.  A quick scrub in the shower everyday will drastically improve the health of your skin, keeping your pores clean and clear of blockages and making way for your skin to get the essential nutrients it desperately needs. Try Skin’s nourishing, hand mixed Sugar Glow for the perfect Winter exfoliant.

2.  Applying skin creams. Of course lotions do a wonderful job, but the creamier the formula is, the more powerfully it will deliver you from dryness.  And don’t be fooled: lotions off the shelf can a lot of time include all sorts of harsh chemicals that your body simply soaks up, that might cause you more harm than good by the end of the day.  That’s why we suggest Skin, An Apothecary scrubs and creams, because they are hand whipped by our friends at Skin, full of ingredients that do only good for your skin and never harm.  Decadent, rich and delightfully thick, these creams cure winter dryness like nothing we’ve ever seen! Try their Soy Body Whip today!

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