Brand new from Phyto!

Phytolisse Shampoo, Phytolisse Mask, Phytolium Energizing Shampoo, Phytotheol Shampoo

New year, new looks and best of all: new products from Phyto!  The same quality and excellent formula that we’ve come to expect from Phyto has been taken to new heights with the unveiling of these newest products for 2011. Make sure and check out:

Phytolisse Shampoo: Smoothing shampoo with extra anti-frizz components, straightening hair while detangling and protecting hair from breakage

Phytolisse Mask: The perfect companion to Phytolisse Shampoo, the Mask deeply conditions hair, both helping to control frizz while shortening the blow-dry process and deeply hydrating hair

Phytolium Energizing Shampoo: Perfect for healthier, thicker hair, the Energizing Shampoo stimulates healthy hair growth for all hair types

Phytotheol Shampoo: Intensely calming, Phytotheol shampoo relieves itchiness while prevanting irritating dandruff

Check out these and other favored Phyto products here


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