China Glaze CRACKLE Glaze – Swatches!

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Shatter Nail Polish Lacquer

You’ve heard of OPI’s Black Shatter polish, which is totally flying off the shelves.  In response, China Glaze has released six new shatter-like crackle polishes with all of the creativity and quality of China Glaze behind them.  Like the OPI Black Shatter polish, each Crackle Glaze color should be layered on a completely dry contrasting color for optimum effect.  Swatches are below!

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Shatter Pink Purple White China Glaze Crackle Glaze Shatter Nail Lacquer

We tested out the Crackle Glaze top coats using a variety of base colors.  The Crackle Glaze coats on the right are layered over China Glaze Recycle, pictured on the third chip from the top.  The colors on the left are layered over China Glaze Empowerment (pink), Red Pearl (red) and Up All Night (navy).  Note the dramatic effect achieved when the colors are contrasting. We had so much fun trying different combinations – you will too!

Click here to order Crackle Glaze lacquers today.

Check back tomorrow for custom Valentine’s Day swatches, to help you get a killer manicure ready for your big date!


6 Responses

  1. How did you get it to crack so much? I applied Lightening Bolt over China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, and it barely appears “cracked” at all. It just looks more like I painted a thin layer of white over the hot pink.

    • Amy: Did you let the bottom polish dry completely? We waited nearly a full hour to get it to crack correctly. Also, applying the crackle more heavily makes more pronounced cracked. Let us know if that helps at all!

  2. I am a nail tech going on 8 years, I love China glaze polish. I use it mayself and I think it out does OPI as far as lasting on the nail as far as chipping goes.
    But I am sorry to say that China Glaze cracked is not good at all. You can’t have a clinit what for the bottom coat to dry for a half hour before you put the other color to make it crack.

    Sorry but OPI shatter is the very best, it shatters in seconds.
    I think Cracked is going to tank!

  3. Cracked is not good at all

  4. I purchased the concrete and crushed candy, they both crack perfectly, it maybe the way i applied it but it look HOT!!! i like them btr then the OPI white and silver shatter (they don’t crack as well as the black shatter) not crazy about the regular China Glaze polish very streaky even after 2 coats!!

  5. […] out our original swatches here, where we tested different layers and […]

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