Score your own free “dessert”!

Cake Beauty

Just like a piece of chocolate cake after a long day, a surprise cupcake with your lunch, or even a delicious bit of cheesecake after a delicious dinner out, treating yourself to a little pampering is good for the soul. Cake Beauty is all about that – helping you partake in affordable, everyday indulgence.  Like a little slice heavenly cheesecake or a fudge swamped browny, Cake products help you take care of you, in a way that’s fun!

This month, we’re celebrating Cake Beauty by offering a free full sized hand cream (in assorted fragrances) with any $35 Cake Beauty purchase.  Whether with a scrub and pedicure, super moisturizing lotion, or even a deliciously scented bath, help yourself unwind with a little sass and a lot of fun.

Like a guiltless but delicious low fat dessert, Cake Beauty products are amazingly healthy for your skin! Each formula is 100% paraben free and composed of 90-95% natural ingredients, of the highest quality.

Click here to learn more!

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