My Very Own Tropical Paradise

Nouveau Paris Les Fleurs Tropical Mist Eau de ParfumBest part of my job: getting to try out new products.  When a bag of goodies arrived on my doorstep this month, it included this gem: a sample of Tropical Mist Eau de Parfum from Nouveau Paris.

One of the “Les Fleurs” perfumes now available for purchase at Beauty of a Site, Tropical Mist has become my perfume of choice.  I’m a huge fan of Kai perfume, and have enjoyed the Hawaiian-inspired formula for years, but the additional layer of citrus in Tropical Mist has totally captured my attention.

Fresh florals layered with luscious tropical fruit provides a unique feminine fragrance, comfortably subtle yet breathtakingly seductive.  A floral note of fresh violets is accented with a gorgeous layer of intoxicating fruit, including sweet guava, bergamot orange and aromatic yuzu.

Intoxicating and mysterious, I highly recommend Tropical Mist. Click here to browse all of the Nouveau Paris perfumes, or to purchase Tropical Mist for yourself!

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