Healthy Martini? Coming Right Up.

We want to announce that Pure Inventions is our featured brand for July!  Pure Inventions offers a variety of pure shot antioxidants in the form of liquid supplements, in compact formulas to be added to the drink of your choice. And when we say, “the drink of your choice,” we don’t just mean water or […]

Resolve to be Healthy with Acai Berry

In honor of the New Year, we’re all working to be more healthy. Here at BOAS, we’re using Acai Berry to help us do it! This tiny red fruit (that this time last year none of us had ever heard of) has emerged as one of the most popular superfoods of the new year. Diet […]

A Health Drink Cocktail! Who Knew?

We were super excited when we discovered Pure Invention‘s tasty drink mixes & recipes!  These antioxidant shots make any glass of water a health drink with their super concentrated drops of good-for-you ingredients, but when we found out we could make mixed drinks out of them, we couldn’t help but get pretty excited! Here’s one […]