Kenra Blow Dry Spray – See results after 1 blowdry!

Hello beauty enthusiasts! The ladies here at beautyofasite all have long thick hair, which makes blow drying in a hurry difficult until we used Kenra’s Blow Dry Spray!

This ingenious product is an advanced dry thermal protector, meaning the use of this product can decrease dry time while providing intense heat protection from damage and breakage done while styling! This spray is not sticky, dense, and does not weigh down your hair! We understand as beauty users ourselves that we don’t want to feel bogged down in hair styling products, we want our hair to feel clean, natural and light.

We were impressed to see how effective this product was when used. The spray did decrease blow dry time, and we were amazed at how soft, silky and shiny our hair was after use. It has been so humid lately, and the spray not only detangles, smooths and softens hair, but helps eliminate frizz and resist humidity for long lasting results.

How to use:

After you wash your hair, spray product liberally through out hair, comb through hair and blow dry! It’s that easy! Your hair will feel so silky, you wont be able to keep your hands out of it!

Buy yours today!

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