Just A Few Notes – Fragrances that attract

What is your scent?

Scents like Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose, and Lavender are thought to be Aphrodisiacs.  All three products listed below contain one or more of the above fragrances. Whether you are buying for Valentines, a birthday, anniversary or just for yourself, a key “go to” fragrance is great to have on hand, especially one that promotes romance and sensuality!

According to many scientist, scent is one of the key factors of attraction. It is thought that the connection between our sense of smell and how we feel, our emotions – is founded on the evolution of our brain with the two being intrinsically linked.

With that said, picking the perfect scent is important! We have 3 great options!

Aphrodisiac perfume smells beautiful and anyone who tries it, is an instant fan. This brand has a loyal and growing following for a very distinct reason…

Aphrodisiac includes notes of  Rose, which encourages intimacy, Tuberose which encourages seduction and Amber which encourages sensuality. I love this perfume! It has everything women want. It’s light and not too strong and most importantly, it doesn’t smell like hair spray (those perfumes are the worst). Aphrodisiac is the perfume pretty women wear… do you know what I mean? Sometimes when I smell musk, I think of my grandmother, or when I smell baby scented products, I think of baby powder or infants hair. Aphrodisiac smells lovely. If I had to describe it, it’s a rose meeting an ocean, meeting a Summer Breeze. The scent is almost nostalgic. Men love this scent on women and women love this scent on themselves.

Have you heard of CAKE?

Cake Beauty started a number of years ago in the best place for making a cake — a kitchen. The vision behind it? To create a line of products that was the true marriage of style, innovation and supreme quality.

Cake products are 90-95% all natural and 100%  Paraben Free. Each product is kissed with delectable fragrances and unique textures that are sure to delight the senses.

Cake Beauty Indulge Eau de Parfum contains top notes of citrus sparkle, fresh and juicy orchard fruits, caramel syrup, island sugar cane and star anise. It has a heart of rich florals of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and water lily. Base notes are warm vanilla met with sweet powdery notes. Now that’s sweet.

Now for a little something different – A candle that turns into massage oil!

Naked Princess Love.Lust.Light Body & Boudoir Candle is a decadent hand-poured candle designed to transform any room into a luxurious boudoir that delights the senses with the irresistible scent of Moroccan Vanilla, Sweet Almond & exotic Tonquin Bean. Infused with a rich blend of Vitamin E, plus Organic Shea, Jojoba and Soy Butters, the candle’s natural clean-burning “wax” melts to a perfectly soothing temperature. Warm wax may be poured onto the body where it transforms into a light moisturizing or massage oil on contact with skin.

Shop the entire brand line here. 

Aphrodisiac | Cake | Naked Princess

Valentines Day Gift Ideas – Beauty of a Site

Valentines Day is here again, but this year, we’re not going to make the mistakes of last year. No more getting your wife a humidifier, long under wear, or socks. Surprise her with a gift you  know she will love.

People love being pampered!  So what does that mean for you? It means taking the time to stop, and really think “what does this person enjoy, how can I make them feel special?”

Valentines Day Store

We will start with gifts for HER first…

Sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself with work and other daily responsibilities so  we think it would be a wonderful thing to offer your Valentine the gift of  “me time”. By giving her bath salts or bubble bath you’re telling her, relax and don’t you dare feel guilty!

All women have those days they just feel “blah” and not put together.  We can all admit that when we get a hair cut, a manicure or new clothes, we feel renewed. Pamper your Valentine and gift her any one of Zoya’s many beautiful nail polish collections. What a fun way to give a gift of luxury. Let your gal paint her fingers and her toes and give her an array of colors to chose from!

Have you heard of Kai? You may recognize Kai from the many magazines it has been featured in, Kai has also been on Opra’s favorite list! All Kai products are lightly scented with the signature scent, white gardenia. Kai sells an array of products for woman ranging from body wash, shampoo & conditioner, perfume, linen spray, etc… Check out Kai | Click Here.

Women love a man who can cook, or in this instance, offer up a delicious home made sundae!  Have you heard of Serendipity3? This is a famous and most delicious restaurant in New York City, and they serve a to die for hot fudge sundae! They have packaged their recipe for the perfect at home frozen hot chocolate sundae! Now all you need is the movie!

For your guy!

A major misconception about this holiday is, that it is just for woman, and that is simply not true! Men deserve to feel special too!

A great gift for the man in your life is the LUXO Oporto Soap Gift set. He can use them at the gym, at home, on trips, they will make him smell exceptionally good! With 3 great scents to chose from, he can mix it up any way he wants! Generally, and this is not always the case, but most men need help when shopping for hygiene items. They need us ladies to tell them what looks good on them and what smells good on them!

Need more ideas for him?| Click Here

Let’s get adventurous ladies!

Kama Sutra products offer a wide variety of items that can enhance the intimacy between loving couples. The Kama Sutra Lovers Edible Body Paint is a fun way to explore your playful side! This item comes in Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate and Rich Caramel.

View the entire Kama Sutra Line | Click Here

We don’t think that Valentines day should break the bank, we offer a wide variety of price ranges for any budget!

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