Perfect Party Panashe: NYE!

As we’re running around finishing up our perfect New Year’s Eve look for tonight (nothing like shopping at the office!), we thought you might enjoy hearing about what we used to get the look!  We loved sparkly pinks, silvers and dark matte greys to build the perfect New Year’s Eve glam!

For Nails: From the OPI Burlesque Holiday Collection, we chose Sparkle-icious.  One of the six glitters (not shimmers, but glitters), this shade is multi colored (that’s right… it matches everything) and adds just the right glitz to our get up.

For Skin: To get the perfect pink glow, we skipped bronzer and used classic pink blush (Bed Head has a perfect selection), coupled with all over shimmer powder.  We concentrated the shimmer along cheek bones and even under the brow line for maximum impact.  We got the best results using Bed Head’s Shake It Loose Powder in Shimmer.

For Eyes: Natural mineral shadow, like the Orglamix Pure Mineral Eye Color adds the perfect natural sheen, while being easily blended and applied for intricate looks.  We thought the Twilight eye color kit was absolutely perfect, because it used the playful pink we love with darker grey tones and white highlights.

* Pro Tip: Use the eye color kit picture on the website as a guide to blending and applying the three shades.

For Lips:  Shimmering natural lips seemed perfect for the occasion, so we chose DuWop’s Lip Venom to gloss and accentuate our natural lip color to the perfect kissable pink.  DuWop’s Pink Shimmer Lip Venom gave us both the perfect pink tint and subtle sparkle that was essential for our NYE theme.

* Pro Tip: Never accentuate both eyes and lips on one night.  If your eyes are dark and dramatic, let naturally toned lips do the kissing.  Or, if you’re sporting bright red lip stick, keep the eyes simple.  Choose where you want the focus to stay!

Our Votes for Best & Worst at the Emmy’s!

Here at Beauty of a Site, we take it upon ourselves to share a little of our best and worst dress opinions. But since I am writing the blog, I suppose I get the final word. If I start any intra office conflicts, I’ll let you know about the minority opinions. 🙂

Editorial note: I’m a Glee fan. This might sway my votes.

My favorite two dresses:

1. Lea Michele (Rachel Berry on Glee)

She’s sporting that gorgeous deep blue that we’re seeing in makeup and fashion all over the place this Fall. That, plus her incredible form. Excellent.

Lea Michele Rachel Berry Glee Emmy Red Carpet

2.  Tina Fey (30 Rock)

I read on Yahoo! this morning that people weren’t all the way thrilled about this dress (the Yahoo! community graded it a B+), but I give her one of my top votes.  The dress is beautifully propotioned and truly unique.  The color flatters her and is classic.  Plus, there’s a rumour that she was wearing tennis shoes under her gown.  Best idea ever.

Tina Fey 30 Rock Emmys Red Carpet

Ok, so here’s my very least favorite dress.  There are almost no words.  This monstrosity comes to us from Holly Burrell, wife of Ty Burrell, star of Modern Family.  We have it on good authority that they’re pretty funny people, and could very well be joking.  Let’s hope for that, friends.  Let’s hope.

Holly Burrell Red Carpet Emmys

Disagree?  Think we skipped over something?  Just let us know!  Comment below and get this discussion movin’!

OPI Pink Softshades 2010: Think Pink

Just this week, we’ve received OPI’s newest collection, the Pink Softshades 2010.  Every year around this time, OPI sends us some reinventions of classic pastels to help us celebrate the new season.  This year, they thought pink.

OPI Pink Soft Shades 2010
From left to right, meet OPI’s new and lovely ladies: Is Not that Precious?, Pink-a-Doodle, I Think in Pink and It’s a Girl.  Each shade celebrates part of the giggling, fun-loving, sugar-spice-and-everything-nice culture.  With two slightly sheerer and soft pinks alongside bolder, flirtier shades, 2010’s pinks are classic, energetic and a wonderful way to celebrate all that you love this season.  OPI calls their collection, “Perfectly innocent. Innocently provacative.” That’s right ladies!

And just in time for fun gifts and Easter baskets, the new shades come in a cute gift set including mini sizes of all the colors.  Whether you need to surprise a pink-lover in your life or can’t decide which color to try first, the OPI Pink Mini Nail Lacquer set brings a smile to any girlie-girl’s face.

OPI Pink Mini Nail Polish Set

Click here to think pink with OPI’s Pink Softshades!

Are you an OPI lover? We want to let you know that OPI has a bunch of newly retired colors that have just been announced.  Make sure and check out our OPI Retired Colors section to see which of your favorite old colors you need to stock up on.  Supplies are limited!

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