Goulishly Glamorous for Halloween 2010!

From a quick survey of the internet, it’s oh so obvious which halloween costumes are going to be the most popular this year: Lady Gaga, Jersey Shores cast members, Twilight Characters, Alice is Wonderland, Avatar… and the list goes on.  Unfortunately, these had been all of my first picks as well, so the question remains: What can I do to set my costume apart?

Ladies, the answer is always the same: The costume is in the details… it’s time to accessorize!

Here are some tips to make the three top costume choices your own, with a little help from Beauty of a Site:

1.  Lady Gaga with Falsies:  There’s no question about it; if you want to rock Lady Gaga, you’ve got to rock some wicked cute false eyelashes.  And you know how it goes- the crazier the better.  We suggest something lush and dramatic like Eye Candy Strip Lashes or something jeweled and sparkly, like Tinsel Town Strip Lashes.

2.  Jersey Shore with Some Serious Volume: If you’re going to pull of Snookie’s look this Halloween, you’re going to have to not only temporarily dye your hair black, but you’re going to have to sport that massive bump in your ‘do.  For some serious height, try Tigi Catwalk’s Your Highness for Volume line.  Find root boosters, sprays and even a shampoo and conditioner that will help you get that elevation you need!

3.  Sexy Vamps with Glistening Complexion:  It always takes some skill to pull off Twilight cast costumes, because they dress like normal people.  The biggest difference between an undercover vampire and you and me is some super pale, lovely, glittery skin.  Add a little glitter to your powder to pull off the look!  We suggest using a mineral powder, like Orglamix Pure Mineral Powder in light Balsa, and mixing it with a fine silver glitter.  Not only will the mineral makeup give you a flawless complexion, but the bit of sparkle will have you looking like Alice, Rosalie or Edward in no time!

Popular Halloween Costumes 2010

Offical Announcement: OPI Alice Polish- IN STOCK!

OPI Alice in Wonderland In StockTo all of our loyal customers, we wanted to pass along some great news:  All of the OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polishes and mini lacquer sets are in stock and available for purchase.  We are shipping them starting now- they’ll start going out on Tuesday!

This is an official announcement!  The very best part of the deal is that we have TONS available, so order away!  Pass along the great news!

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OPI Alice in Wonderland Polish Swatches- Wow!


OPI Alice in Wonderland Swatches
These are the most surprising colors OPI has sent us this year!  We are excited to show you these awesome swatches from the new polishes from the Alice in Wonderland Collection!  We should be shipping these products out by the end of the week, but in the meantime, check these out!

From left to right:

OPI Thanks So Muchness:  A violet infused red with a super subtle shimmer.

OPI Mad As a Hatter: Did you see this glitter!? Crazy chunky multi-glitter that has holiday parties, New Year’s Eve and general fabulous-ness written all over it.

OPI Absolutely Alice:  Another super glittery polish with slightly smaller glitter pieces in blues and golds.  Perfectly Alice inspired!

OPI Off With Her Red!: A standby classic bold, creme bright red.

Gorgeous! Check here to purchase!!!

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