Sibu Cellular Support: Flying off the shelves!

Sibu Beauty Cellular Support Omega 7 Complex Sea Buckthorn Berries Supplement

With celebs like Dr. Oz lovin’ on Sibu Beauty products, we’ve had all sorts of trouble keeping these incredible products on the shelves! Each formula includes rich nutrients and antioxidants, from real sea buckthorn berries, which assist in cellular rejuvenation, improve nervous system function, boost energy, improve skin complexion (yes, especially acne!) and provide your body with a rich source of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9.

The most convenient (and most popular!) product that Sibu offers is the Cellular Support Antioxidant & Omega 7 Complex, a simple, safe dietary supplement which boasts all of the benefits of sea buckthorn berries, while even promoting healthy hair and nail growth. Totally preservative, gluten and dairy free, this supplement helps you feel, look and even think better, with one simple pill. We call that a winner!

We only have a few left in stock, so order yours RIGHT AWAY! Click here to do so!

Healthy Martini? Coming Right Up.

Pure Inventions Dietary SupplementsWe want to announce that Pure Inventions is our featured brand for July!  Pure Inventions offers a variety of pure shot antioxidants in the form of liquid supplements, in compact formulas to be added to the drink of your choice.

And when we say, “the drink of your choice,” we don’t just mean water or your morning tea.  We mean anything.  In fact, why not spruce up your summer martini with a little extra goodness for your body?  Pure Inventions has published a bunch of different mixed drinks (both regular and alcoholic) to make being fit extremely easy- and fun!  This is one of our favorites:

Pomegranate with Raspberry Martini

  • Make your own mixer
  • Add 3 droppers full of Pomegranate with Acai Berry
  • Add 1 and ½ droppers of Raspberry Green Tea to 8 oz. water
  • In a martini shaker, add 2oz. of vodka
  • Add ice
  • Add the mixer to taste and shake
  • Garnish with lemon
  • Makes 2 martinis

For the month of July, Beauty of a Site is partnering with Pure Inventions to offer Fit & Slender, one of Pure Inventions’ most popular supplements, at 10% off.  Buy it here!

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