Tips for Light Travel: Toiletries 101

With your vacation planned, your clothes picked out and a beach in Hawaii awaiting your arrival, only one obstacle remains: packing.  Like all of us, you just don’t know how you’re going to get everything you need for your trip in one suitcase.  Especially with airline regulations about number of bags, size of bags and size of toiletries, packing is truly becoming an art!

Because you want to look good on your vacation, investing in quality toiletries in airline and travel ready sizes is essential.  The week that you plan on taking two hundred pictures is NOT the week to be depending upon some hotel travel shampoo, nor is it the week to pack less clothes just to fit in your full-sized salon products.

So, to help a sista out, here are a couple of excellent travel sets to make your travel plans WAY easier:

Blow Haircare Blow to Go Travel Kit Toiletries 2 oz AirplaneFor Your Hair: The Blow to Go Travel Kit.  Including four products specifically designed for heat styling, of the highest salon quality, this convenient kit is packaged in 2 oz airplane ready bottles, even packed in a small, clear plastic bag.  Did we mention how CUTE this thing is!? ($28)

Juara Glow on the Go Travel Kit Toiletries 2 ozFor Your Skin: Juara Glow on the Go Travel Kit. Also in travel sizes (all under 2 oz), and packaged in a clear plastic bag, the Glow to Go Kit addresses all of your toiletry needs, including facial cleanser, facial mask, hydrating toner, moisturizer and body balm.  In lovely packaging and suitcase-friendly sizes.($36)

Bella Il Fiore Cosmetics Multi Use MakeUp Face Palette

Cosmetics: Bella Il Fiore Face Palettes.  MakeUp doesn’t travel well, but vacation is not the time to be skimping on quality cosmetics.  Take care of the space and travel issues with a multi-use color palette, including beautiful colors and a range of texture and formulas to accommodate eyes, lips and cheeks in one small palette.  Beautifully packaged and expertly coordinated. ($20)

Lovely Gifts for your Lovely Bridesmaids

A couple of quick ideas for the ladies in your bridal party! Reward them for their hard work and care on the busy day of with gifts that are thoughtful, useful and oh-so-girly!

Bridesmaids Gifts Bridesmaid Palette Not Soap Radio
Not Soap Radio Bridesmaid Make Up Palettes, Catch the Bouquet and XOXO, are specifically designed for a bridal party. Catch the Bouquet includes four lip glosses and four eyeshadows, while XOXO includes three lip glosses, three shadows and a fading blush brick. Choose these unique gifts to show your maids you care!

Essie Bridal Collection 2011 Bridesmaid Gifts

The perfect “something blue!”  Spice up your manicure with Essie’s new Borrowed and Blue nail polish, and share it with your whole bridal party. Essie’s 2011 Wedding Collection features four incredible hues: Better Together (cream), Borrowed & Blue, First Dance (red) and Made to Honor (pink).

Bella Il Fiore Mani & More Accessory Set Bridesmaid Gift

Available both in hot pink and baby pink, the uber-chic Bella Il Fiore Mani & More Accessory Set is the perfect mani and pedi tool set to include in gifts for your bridesmaids! Treat them to something special after all of their hard work with this travel-sized set, which comes with tweezers, cuticle pusher, nail file, snippers, scissors and clippers.

Mint-y Lip Scrub, FREE til Friday!

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Kisses Peppermint Lip Scrub Free GiftOrder by midnight on Friday and you can still receive a FREE Pepptermint Lip Scrub from Bella Il Fiore!  Featured at Beauty of a Site for the month of December, Bella’s cosmetics, skin care and luxury bath items are some of our favorites, designed to make life a little richer, easier and ultimately, more beautiful.

With any $25 order, of ANY Beauty of a Site products, we will include a free sample of Bella’s Sugar Kisses lip scrub.  Perfect for smoothing and nourishing dry, chapped lips, this treat is sure to bring some serious pleasure to your pucker.

Make sure and order by December 31st to receive your free gift!

Click here to start shopping!

Free Lip Scrub in December!

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Kisses Peppermint Lip ScrubDuring the month of December, we’re is partnering with Bella Il Fiore to offer ANYONE who spends $25 or more at Beauty of a Site a FREE Bella Sugar Kisses Peppermint Lip Scrub as our gift to you! Whether you’re stocking up on your favorite shampoo, buying gifts for your family or buying up your favorite colors from the new OPI Burlesque collection, bump your order up to $25 and receive this free gift!

The Peppermint Lip Scrub gently exfoliates your lips using sugar crystals and then deeply soothes them with sunflower and coconut oil.  Simply use your finger to apply a little to your lips, scrub gently and wipe clean with a damp cloth! Perfectly kissable lips, every time!

Bella’s products are famous for their simplicity- each product is of the highest quality but is quick, easy and convenient to use. Click here to browse them all, or click on one of the pictures below!

Bella Il Fiore Face Palettes Coordinating MakeUp

Bella Il Fiore Face and Eye Palettes

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Shack Deluxe Lip Gloss Set

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Shack Deluxe Lip Gloss Set

Bella Il Fiore Mineral Beauty Bronzer

Bella Il Fiore Mineral Beauty Bronzer

Bella Il Fiore Mani & More Accessory Set

Bella Il Fiore Mani & More Accessory Set

No Budge Back to School MakeUp

Whether you’re a mom of four, a busy college student, or a hard-working principal of your local middle school, back to school means back to being busy.  Often being gone from your dorm room, house or apartment for an entire day, being in the swing of the school year necessitates makeup that you can apply in the morning and count on it to last- all day long.  Here are our top three products that we consider back-to-school essentials for makeup that lasts:

Bella Il Fiore Face Palette Blinc Kiss Me Mascara Model in a Bottle Setting Spray

1.  Bella’s Face Palettes:  Artfully designed to match any complexion beautifully, Bella Il Fiore’s Face Palettes provide an easy-on-the-go makeup solution packed into one travel ready case.  Small enough to fit in a backpack, purse or even your pocket, the Bella Face Palettes expertly combine color, saving you time, and fitting easily on your person for touch ups.

2.  Blinc (Kiss Me) Mascara:  Blinc’s Mascara is “totally tubular,” featuring not a plastered, impossible to get off stick mascara, but an expertly designed tubing formula that literally creates a tube around your lashes.  The mascara won’t even budge throughout your day, even with sweat, itchy eyes or P.E., but when combined with a little warm water at night, the tubes will slip off almost effortlessly.  We LOVE it.

3.  Last but not least, Model in a Bottle Setting Spray is like hairspray for perfect makeup.  Apply any makeup, just how you like it, and spray just a couple of bursts of Model in a Bottle over the top to set in your cosmetic creation for the entire day, while absorbing oil and keeping away unwanted shine.  Available in both an original and sensitive skin formula, don’t worry about irritation.  This weightless, invisible spray will keep the attention where it belongs- on you!

Be Molto Bella with Bella Il Fiore

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Shack CosmeticsOne of Beauty of a Site’s most beloved brands, Bella Il Fiore, has released fresh, innovative and beautiful new cosmetics. Compact, masterfully grouped and adorably packaged, Bella’s newest makeup is perfect for the girl on the go!

Visit our collection of Bella Il Fiore products here, and make sure to try these new ones:

Bella Il Fiore Eye Shadow Palette: Bella Il Fiore Eye Shadow Palette is an 8-color eye shadow palette for all your color scheme needs. Flattering palettes correspond with the larger, full-face “Bella in Bloom” palettes… read more.

Bella Il Fiore Glam Box: Bella Il Fiore Glam Box is a full-color, full-product make-up palette for literally all of your make-up needs! Featuring 24 eye shadows, 27 lip glosses, blushes, bronzer and a built-in mirror for ease. Everything a girl needs to look her very best dressed in Bella’s signature… read more.

Bella Il Fiore Mineral Bronzer: Bella Il Fiore Mineral Beauty Bronzer is an oversized body bronzer, and when we say oversized, we mean it! As big as a small plate, this bronzing compact really gives you freedom in blending for the perfect skin mix. Apply to your face & body… read more.

Bella Il Fiore Mirror & Compact: Bella Il Fiore Mirror Mirror – Compact Light Up Mirror allows you to never be caught without your best face forward. Use Bella’s light up mirror for fab glam wherever you are!. The mirror lights up when opened and features regular view, plus magnification… read more.

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Shack Lip Gloss Set: Bella Il Fiore Sugar Shack Lip Gloss Set is a full-color, lip gloss palette for literally all of your glossy needs! Featuring 20 gorgeous shades of gloss guaranteed to go from day-to-night and back again. An added bonus, the delicious chocolate infusion will… read more.

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