Add Some Color – with Fudge!

I’m bored with my hair.  Monthly, my stylist makes my drab brown hair shine with rich mahogany hues and lovely caramel highlights. But more than once we’ve considered just a streak of something crazy.  Pink? Red?  Why not?

Thoroughly embraced by alternative culture, and worn proudly by several of our edgier celebrities, bright hair colors are slowly reaching a whole new level of acceptability. Whether you’re ready to dive in with all over color, or you’re only tempted to get one small streak of pink, we at Beauty of a Site say, “Go for it.”  In fact, we’ll hook you up with the perfect product.

Fudge Paintbox Hair Dye comes in 12 rad colors, with a semi-permanent formula designed to last up to 4o washes.  A great way to test out something edgy, each Paintbox color is 25% off for the month of March, making your experiment safe for your hair and safe for your wallet!

Click here to check each Fudge Paintbox color!

Fudge Paintbox Hair Color

OPI Shrek Forever After – Shipping!

We wanted to update you about OPI’s hottest new collection!  OPI Shrek Forever After Brights are are IN STOCK and shipping right now!  If you pre-ordered with us, your order is on its way!

Click here to place an order!

So far, our customers are going crazy for these fun and beautiful shades:

OPI Shrek Forever After Nail PolishFunky Donkey: Boystrous bright purple with a grapey finish.
Who knew donkeys like grapes? This flat purple-toned polish lets out all the secrets.

Ogre-the-Top Blue:  Delightfully deep and full sky-blue.  Nothing says spring like this perfectly bright blue!
Imagine a deep-sky blue or a fresh ocean view. This creamy blue really isn’t over the top, but definitely bold & beautiful.

What’s With the Cattitude?: A creamy yet simple light, energetic blue, perfectly pastel but classically blue.
This truly sky-blue cream is a calming shade for anyone in their “attitude.” Wonderfully made for summertime toes!

Sail Away With Essie’s North Fork Collection

Deemed “the bluer the better,” Essie’s new North Fork Collection is inspired by the colors of the sea. This three color cluster reminds us of a misty bay full of silvery sailboats, Curacao cocktails, and decadent docks.

The trifecta begins with “Greenport,” a salty, sea green with a dreamy aquamarine tint. This green is subtle and saturated with blue undertones that compliment darker skin tones and complexions.

Sag Harbor,” the second in the collection, is also very blueish yet dominated by a silvery shine. This color is a perfect accessory to a white or light colored bathing suit!

(PS:  This one is totally growing on us.  It might end up being a staff favorite!)

The final shade in the new North Fork Collection is called “Shelter Island.” The bluest of them all, this sky colored lacquer is perfectly poised for any snazzy socialite or parsimonious personality. Radiant and full of color, “Shelter Island” gives you the opportunity to look your best and make a statement!

The new North Fork Collection by Essie is now available at Beauty of a Site – check it out here!
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