Embrace Juara & Embrace Luxury!

Juara Bath and Body

Introducing: Juara Skincare and Spa Treatment products!

We are happy to announce that we’re now selling Juara, one of the world’s most creative, mysterious and luxurious product lines, featuring an infusion of Indonesian herbal spices and the most advanced skin treatment research.  Each Juara product uses a powerful and pure set of active botanicals that is extremely effective while being gentle, safe and extremely nourishing for your skin.

This “east meets west” skincare line was founded by four friends, dedicated to drawing upon the wisdom of ancient spa practices and combining those riches with everything that modern science has to offer.  The result of their hard work and passion: Juara Skincare & Treatments.

Click here to browse all of Juara’s unique and luxurious products!

New Shampoo for a Healthy ‘Do

Haircare has taken a must needed turn in recent months, focusing on designing lines that promote not only incredible looking results, but healthier hair in the process. Beauty of a Site has recently added two new haircare ranges to help provide our customers with products that will strengthen their hair and enhance its natural beauty.

Deva Concepts Hair Care
Deva Concepts Haircare
is a botanically based hair care range which is sulfate free and incredibly nutritious.  Stripping all unnecessary chemicals out of shampoo, Deva is famous for taking the “poo” out of shampoo.  The Deva Concepts range features different products for curly, wavy and chemically processed hair specifically, to help you choose the product that’s perfect for you.  Click here to check it out!

Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Hair Care
Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Hair Care is a wildly popular and extremely effective line of Keratin-infused products that works to restore your hair’s natural keratin proteins to bring you a healthy, shiny, manageable, frizz-free head of hair no matter if it’s completely damaged or just needing a slight pick-me-up.  Designed specifically for those whose hair is chemically relaxed (though it is effective with all hair types!), Marcia Teixeira products use the best of Brazilian inspired hair treatments, delivering frizz free shine without excessive pH levels or damaging chemicals.  Click here to see more!

Rescue Thinning Hair & Look Your Best!

Clinicure by JoicoWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s important to clean up your look for the lovely lady (or handsome man!) in your life. For many, this includes dealing with the frustrations of thinning hair or receding hairlines.  At Beauty of a Site, we’ve seen incredible results with one of our newest products- Clinicure, by Joico.

This revolutionary line of products for thinning hair uses a completely botanical formula that combines proven natural ingredients along with cutting edge science.  Resulting in an extremely effective product (without harmful chemicals) Clinicure promises to help produce thicker hair- at different stages of hair loss!

Part of the effectiveness of Clinicure’s formula is its attention to individual needs, and the realization that at every stage of hair loss, different formulas are necessary.  Thus, Clinicure offers products for early stages of hair loss as well as advanced stages.  Have chemically processed hair?  Clinicure also divides its formulas up into natural hair & chemical processed hair, to make sure that the ingredients create the optimum hair growth in your individual hair situation.

The easiest way to enjoy the immediate results of Clinicure is to try one of their four starter kits, which include all three products to nurture and strengthen your hair.  Choose either natural or chemically processed hair, and then whether your hair is in the early or later stages of thinning.  Use your starter kit daily and watch for incredible results!

Click here to browse all of our Clinicure products! For tips on when and how to use each product, check the bottom of the description for each product at Beauty of a Site.

New Organic Products: IKove for Hair, Bath & Skin

IKove Hair and Body Products
New for Fall 2009, Beauty of a Site announced our more recent product addition: IKove by Florestas.  This range of haircare, skincare and bath & body products is completely organic and natural, using a botanical base full of oils and extracts from the forests of the Amazon.

We have to label IKove products as some of the most guilt free beauty products we’ve ever seen.  A socially responsible company, IKove is dedicated to growing the economy of the Amazon, allowing local villages to stop cutting down trees and protect the region’s beautiful and rare rainforests.  The company uses certified organic ingredients, avoids synthetics and potentially harmful chemicals, while also avoiding any animal ingredients. IKove also strives to use as many certified fair trade ingredients as possible.

The lush and luxurious ingredients in the IKove products are what truly set them apart as unique- as must-haves!  Acai Berry is one of IKove’s favorite ingredients, an Amazonian palm berry harvested from the forests of Brazil.  Totally PACKED with antioxidants, fatty acids & omegas, Acai Berry is truly a miracle fruit, fighting premature aging and encouraging healthy skin.

We’re totally excited about these new products and hope that you are too!  If you’ve tried, please let us know what you think!  You can see all of the IKove products here.

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