After the Party… the After Party…

Tigi Bed Head After Party Smoothing GelThe best trick in my hair care bag: smoothing creme.  Heat styling, humid weather and damaging shampoo takes a toll on the health and texture of our hair.  Even with the nicest care and styling products, daily wear and tear is difficult for our hair to recover from.

Avoid frizz and poof-y style with a high quality smoothing creme, like Tigi’s After Party.  Making your hair incredible smooth and irresistibly shiny, After Party helps the most damaged hair do as its told.  The formula consists of a lightweight creme intended to be applied either on damp hair, for protection while styling, or over dry hair, to separate, smooth and submit hair to your will.

Usually $19, Tigi After Party is only $14 at Beauty of a Site for the rest of this month!  Place an order before Wednesday to take advantage of this product at 25% off.  The perfect time to try something new, make sure and stock up on our favorite behind the scenes hair product!

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So, What’s with the “Pro”?

Phyto Professional Hair Care
Phyto has recently revamped their entire Phyto Pro line and released eight new Phyto Professional products. These salon quality products have been expertly formulated to provide great hold, shine, shape and flex in a variety of hair fashions. But what is it about the “Professional” that sets these products apart?

All of Phyto’s products use a botanical formula to provide hair with the essential nutrients needed for professional looking styles. However, Phyto’s newest Professional products introduce acacia collagen to every single formula. This miraculous active is used in hair and skin products to provide deep moisturizing.  In the Phyto Professional products, acacia collagen hydrates and protects hair from external damage like sun, heat styling, weather dryness and pollutants, while smoothing the hair cuticle.  The result: hydrated hair with a gorgeous natural shine and a silky, healthy looking finish.

Phyto describes the Phyto Professional range as for “the eco-conscious, hip stylist and consumer alike who sees that fashion and beauty combined with the finest plant research and ingredients is the ultimate indulgence.” (source)  We totally agree!

We’re proud to offer all of these incredible products for purchase at Beauty of a Site.  Click here to browse these products!

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