Say No to BHDs with the Joico VaporIron!

Joico KPak VaporIronRecently, one of Beauty of a Site’s most trusted friends and beauty experts tried out the Joico VaporIron and couldn’t get enough of it!  This flat iron is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, releasing a vaporized conditioning serum into hair while straightening and styling!  We wanted to get the down low from someone in the “biz,” so we were totally excited when Cheri, the creator of Orglamix Mineral Makeup (check out Orglamix here!), purchased the iron and gave it a try.  Having been in the beauty business for years, Cheri is truly a beauty expert, so we asked her to share her thoughts.  Here is the high praise she had for the iron!

My flat iron, and admittedly my hair, have seen better days. I’m constantly changing my hair color (more often then not DIY = box) from dark brown with caramel highlights  to chestnut to red and everything in between; all the while using my trusted Chi flat iron, circa 1999 weekly –rain or shine. On days when I don’t use it, it’s a BHD (Bad Hair Day) and I’m sporting a ponytail.

I’m not an overzealous KPak fan (hello Taylor Swift), but when I read about the virtues of the new Joico KPak VaporIron, I knew I had to have one.  I ordered one on the spot. I’ve been using it for the last two weeks and am in love. I used to cringe when I used my flat iron, but not anymore.  Now I can flat iron and condition my hair at the same time!  I really love how straight and glossy this made my hair. I’m happy to report I’m now sans both the ponytail and the frizz.

Here are the details of the Joico VaporIron:

Decreases hair breakage by over 40%
Reduces color loss due to daily shampooing and thermal styling by 33.5%
Minimizes curl reversion, even after 12 hours in 90% humidity
Adds antioxidants, essential fatty acids, botanical moisturizers & light silicones to hair, WHILE STYLING!

Tried the iron yourself? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Beating Spring Showers – Humidity Proof Hair

Even though it’s May, Spring seems to be delivering all sorts of showers just a little bit late.  All of our May weddings, events, graduation parties and picnics are requiring serious humidity-proof hair, as showers hang in the distance, threatening our sunny plans.  Here are our top three products for fighting humidity, and keeping a style looking great all day long:

Cutler Volumizing Spray Cutler’s Volumizing Spray is by far my favorite humidity proofing product, and it doesn’t even have humidity in the title! My biggest problems with humidity are one either my hair totally flattening and losing curl, or my hair poofing and frizzing out of control. Cutler’s Volumizing Spray both controls these factors in daily styles, but also provides nurturing ingredients and heat protection that keep your hair healthy, reducing these effects from the beginning! Purchase it here for $21.
Some Like It Hot Humidity Proof Bed Head Some Like It Hot product range includes three products that are all uniquely designed to protect against humidity while styling. Including a shampoo, conditioner and weather-neutralizing serum, these products not only protect against frizz from humidity, but also from the damage of heat and from color loss in the sun. Perfect for beach-y summers and sunny weekends! Purchase here, $16-17.
Blow Weather Girl Climate Neutralizing Complex The Blow Weather Girl Climate Neutralizing Complex is a miracle product created by Blow, a company that prides itself on creating products for people who heat style daily. Gentle and nutritive on over-heated hair, Weather Girl locks out humidity by coating hair, while remaining weightless and protecting from frizz. Purchase here for $22.

Humidity Proof Styles with Rodney Cutler

We spend emmense amounts of time- and product- trying to keep our styles under control when humidity gets the best of us. We- the Beauty of a Site Staff- find ourselves in the middle of Illinois, where humidity reigns from May to August, plotting to ruin our styles for 4 long months. But thanks to Rodney Cutler, Cutler Hair Care creator and celebrity runway stylist, we’ve tripped across one of our favorite humidity proof styles yet:

To get this trendy twist on a classic French twist, follow Rodney Cutler’s advice below:

  • Prep hair with Cutler Volumizing Spray from roots to ends & rough dry, focusing on directing the hair up to create volume at the crown.
  • Using a tail comb, create a deep side part.
  • Back comb all of the hair behind the ears to create volume at the crown and emphasize the head shape.
  • Secure the hair into a low side ponytail on the same side as the side part allowing for a loose/messy texture throughout the crown and a bit smoothing around the edges.
  • Using either elastic string or a thin ribbon, fold the hair of the ponytail back and forth into itself to create the “bun/chignon” shape.

We love this look!  Give it a shot and let us know if you like it!  We’d LOVE to see pics!

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