Crazy about Crazy LIbellule and the Poppies!

Crazy about Crazy LIbellule & the Poppies!
A girl loves to smell delicious- but some days just aren’t perfume days.  Something light and quick.  Looking for just a little hint of fragrance?  Our favorite lovely smelling remedie is the Crazy Libellule & the Poppies solid fragrance sticks.  These small solid fragrances are imported from French, featuring adorable french names & precious packaging.  Perfect for tossing in your purse!  My personal favorite is the “Lilas Spiritual” from the Shanghaijava Collection, with top notes of lilac & clove, heart notes of lily of the valley and base notes of lilac & vanilla.  Gorgeous!

This month only, we’re selling these awesome fragrance sticks for 30% off!  Mmm, delicious!  See this and the rest of our monthly specials here!

Get Caught with Egg On Your Face!

Get Caught with Egg on Your Face!
I always look forward to the days the UPS man brings the Eggwhite Facials – you can smell their deliciously soft scent as they walk through the front door. They give me a quick pick-me-up as I’m unpacking them and usually make me smile as I laugh at the cute little chickens on the package. But a nice smell and cute chickens aren’t the only great thing about these soaps.

Gaining inspiration from European and Scandinavian old-world soap making traditions, these Swedish soaps are all natural in color, fragrance, and ingredients.  These Eggwhite Facial Soaps stem from an old school facial recipe that is delicate enough to use daily and each bar lasts through several weeks of everyday use.

Also, one box contains six facials soaps – so there’s plenty to share with your friends and family!

We sell tons of this soap and would love to hear from those of you who enjoy using it as well! What sets these eggwhite facial soaps apart from others? What has the eggwhite facial soap done for you?

Baby Shower Overload!

2009 has already proven itself to be an expensive year for gifts – baby shower gifts that is. Having already exceeded my yearly allowance of trips to Toys R Us, I found myself wondering just how useful some of the more expensive baby items are for my mothers-to-be? How many times will you actually use an inflatable spout cover that looks like an octopus? Or is it just cute?

Bio Bio Baby Rice Starch

Bio Bio Baby Rice Starch

One item that I have found most mommies wanting in bulk is a wonderfully organic rice baby bath by Bio Bio Baby. Made in Italy from 100% natural starch rice, this baby bath softens, calms, and soothes baby’s skin and helps alleviate rashes. Whether it’s diaper rash or irritation from detergents, newborn baby’s skin requires the utmost care and a tender touch. What better way to help your friend with their new addition than to give her something she can really use!

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