Last Chance for Katy, Serena & Black Shatter!

We have some updates about OPI’s limited edition colors:

OPI Black Shatter Katy Perry Serena Nail Lacquer Nail Polish

1. Late this week, we’re receiving our very last shipment of Black Shatter from OPI, until it is re-released with the full OPI Shatter Collection in May.  That means as soon as this last shipment sells out, it will be temporarily unavailable.

2. Also in this week’s shipment are additional Katy Perry (including the mini!) and more Serena.  Both of these have been flying off the shelves, so we’re sad to say that this will be our very last shipment of them.  These are limited edition colors, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!  Remember that the mini Katy Perrys are going oh-so-fast, so if you want to snag one, make sure and order it right away!

Click here to shop Serena

Click here to shop Katy Perry

Click here to shop Black Shatter

OPI Katy Perry Swatches, Part 2

Hey friends!  I finally had time to play with the Katy Perry polish, so I wanted to post some swatches of what the colors look like on the nail, as well as under normal, at-home, low lighting.  Here are the four colors on the nail:

OPI Not Like the Movies Katy Perry Collection OPI Teenage Dream Katy Perry Nail Lacquer Collection
OPI Last Friday Night Katy Perry Collection Nail Polish OPI The One That Got Away Katy Perry Collection

The two glitter-y polishes, OPI Last Friday Night (blue) and OPI Teenage Dream (light blue) take several coats to get the results posted on our swatches from yesterday.  The results in the pictures above were two coats; full coverage would take at least three and perhaps four.  Perhaps the most interesting about these colors in the variety of glitter included in the polish.  Large flecks alongside more subtle shimmer makes a beautiful effect.

My favorite: The One That Got Away.  This probably does not surprise you, based on my love for vampy colors, burgandies and shimmer.  Really, how could I not love this color?

That being said, I was surprised how much I liked it.  More than a burgundy, OPI The One That Got Away is really a fuschia, way more pink than burgundy, featuring a rosy shimmer and nice, even undertones.  Really beautiful.

Let us know what you’re loving from the collection.  We’d love to hear about it  : )

OPI Katy Perry Collection – Video Swatches!

Far from your mother’s nail polish company, OPI is making bold moves in touching the artistic heart of a new generation.  Their newest collection, the OPI Katy Perry Collection, releases in January, featuring four shameless new shades along with a brand new nail polish finish: OPI Shatter.

OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish Collection Teenage DreamThe four new shades, from left to right, are Teenage Dream (lavender), The One That Got Away (burgandy), Not Like the Movies (gunmetal grey)Last Friday Night (light blue shimmer) and (not pictured), OPI Black Shatter.

OPI Black Shatter just looks black in the bottle, but it’s crinkle top sets it apart as special.  And that’s exactly what it is!  Layer on top of any other color, as as it dries, watch it crackle, revealing whichever color is layered underneath.  Cool, huh?

Check out this video from OPI featuring each of the new colors, the OPI Black Shatter effect and even a sneak peak from the OPI Serena collection, releasing next Spring!

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