Principessa’s Royal Makeover- New Sugar Scrub!

Principessa Delizia Mia Creamy Sugar PolishPrincipessa’s beloved Delizia Mia Sugar Polish has received a makeover of royal proportions. Now in a luxurious, thick format, Delizia Mia is now a Creamy Sugar Polish. While the original sugar polish featured the normal oil / scrub mixture, the improved Principessa formula scrubs and exfoliates like always, but in a creamy, lotion like format. Packaged with beneficial organic extracts and nourishing shea butter, the Delizia Mia Sugar Polish leaves your skin silky smooth- with no oily residue!

Both Principessa’s original and new sugar polishes are simple to use and give great results.  Simply massage on wet skin until your skin feels silky and quenched and you’ve successfully smoothed and exfoliated.  Be careful not to use on skin that’s irritated- the sugar polishes are best for use on freshly washed, clear skin.

Are you a huge fan of the old scrub? We do have some left, so grab them now- click here to purchase one! If you’re ready to check out Principessa’s new and improved scrub, click here!


New Organic Products: IKove for Hair, Bath & Skin

IKove Hair and Body Products
New for Fall 2009, Beauty of a Site announced our more recent product addition: IKove by Florestas.  This range of haircare, skincare and bath & body products is completely organic and natural, using a botanical base full of oils and extracts from the forests of the Amazon.

We have to label IKove products as some of the most guilt free beauty products we’ve ever seen.  A socially responsible company, IKove is dedicated to growing the economy of the Amazon, allowing local villages to stop cutting down trees and protect the region’s beautiful and rare rainforests.  The company uses certified organic ingredients, avoids synthetics and potentially harmful chemicals, while also avoiding any animal ingredients. IKove also strives to use as many certified fair trade ingredients as possible.

The lush and luxurious ingredients in the IKove products are what truly set them apart as unique- as must-haves!  Acai Berry is one of IKove’s favorite ingredients, an Amazonian palm berry harvested from the forests of Brazil.  Totally PACKED with antioxidants, fatty acids & omegas, Acai Berry is truly a miracle fruit, fighting premature aging and encouraging healthy skin.

We’re totally excited about these new products and hope that you are too!  If you’ve tried, please let us know what you think!  You can see all of the IKove products here.

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