More Summer Lacquer from OPI & Essie

Though we’ve barely had time to enjoy our brand new OPI Spain & Shrek Collections, not to mention the brand new Resort Collection from Essie, both popular nail polish creators have something special planned for us for the summer! OPI will be releasing the Flutter Collection alongside Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection within the week – you can start pre-ordering today!!

OPI Summer 2010 Flutter Nail Polish & Nail LacquerBe the first among nail polish gurus everywhere to get these polishes by placing a pre-order. When we receive the polishes in stock either late this week or early next week, yours will ship automatically, without any worries about us running out of stock! Click here to pre-order OPI Flutter and here to pre-order Essie Summer 2010.

OPI Flutter features four new shades, each creative, complex and brilliant in the sunlight. Catch Me In Your Net, the blue of the collection, is my personal favorite color that OPI has released this year, featuring extremely small glitter for a subtle sheen over a comfortably warm turquoise infused blue that is airy but bold. Seriously ladies; it’s gorgeous. Also in the collection are Flit a Bit (orange/coral), Flower-to-Flower (warm pink) and Wing It (deep pink with sheen).

Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection draws its colors from the season’s fashion design, featuring classic, feminine, edgy and bold colors, all in the same collection.  This truly is an odd mix of color, but the interesting palette helps to identify the edgy styles of the summer, ranging from a soft and sexy feminine pink to a powerfully seductive deep green.  Both Pretty Edgy (deep green) and Demure Vixen (orchid / lavender with sheen) are getting all sorts of attention, both for their individuality and the interesting way in which they fit into the color palette.  The other colors in the collection, including Haute As Hello (pink / coral), Knockout Pout (bright pink), Miss Matched (muted neutral lavender) and Vermillionaire (bright red), are more classically Essie, though deliciously classic with a modern twist of color variation.

Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Make sure and pre-order your polish today!  As the products arrive in stock, we’ll definitely try them on and share our swatches!  Check back later this week and early next week for more details!

Escape to a Resort- with Essie!

Essie’s Resort Collection for Summer 2010 is beautiful, airy and as fresh as a coastal vacation.  Take a whiff of fresh ocean air when wearing these four new colors to relax and enjoy your vacation filled summer.  Calm and sophisticated, the Essie Resort nail polish hues are extremely unique, and the perfect shades for your summer.

We have to admit, once we received these colors in our salon, we were surprised to see that they were a little more lively and vibrant than the promo pictures.  It is the perfect mixture of a fun vacation and a calm getaway: the perfectly colored middle!

Here are our swatches!

Essie Resort Nail Polish Collection

Playa Del Platinum is a gorgeous neutral, with warm browns- the color of shells and pristine beaches.  Perfect for business meetings as well as warm afternoons in the sun, this pink toned brown neutral is feminine and simple.

Turquoise & Caicos is a cooler, calmer hue reminiscent of the popular jades, turquoises and greens of the season.  Fresh and relaxing, this turquoise is perfect to express creativity, excitement and a subtle playfulness.

Lapis of Luxury explores the deep blues of the sea.  Musty but gentle, this periwinkle based blue is airy and breezy, beautiful against all skin tones and refreshingly distinct from the other colors of the season.

Splash of Grenadine is a neat twist on Essie’s staple pink featured in almost all of her collections.  The perfect-for-your-toes magenta is more calm than the average bright pink, but is fun, cool and spunky.  For the woman of all ages!

Let us know what you think about these beautiful shades!  CLICK HERE to start shopping for them!

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