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babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron

Searching for the perfect flat iron? Who isn’t.

I bought my mother-in-law the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron for Christmas last year, and I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of it. She loves it! Most of the time she spends fighting to get it back from her daughters, who have abandoned their own favorite flat irons in favor of this jewel!

Incredibly light, this professional quality flat iron features extra long high quality titanium plates which reach 450 degrees, 40% faster than any other leading brand. Allowing you to treat more of your hair at once, at higher temperatures, a smooth, flat style is achievable in minutes! Repeatedly scraping cooler, smaller plates over your hair leads to damage and breakage, while a quicker, hotter iron allows for fewer passes and better results!

The Babyliss Pro Titanium Flat Iron, normally $210, is on sale for $160 for the month of April.  Our supplies are limited, so order yours today!  Click here to read more and order yours!

Dryers, Diffusers & Irons… Oh My!

Metropolis Styling IronsIts time for a new hair dryer.  I can tell because my own has become increasingly loud.  Its filter is wearing out pretty frequently, it smells “hot” all the time, and frankly, it’s being more and more abusive to my hair.  If you, like me, are looking for a replacement for a hair dryer or flat iron we have good news:  You can get a new tool without breaking the bank.  For the month of May (only a couple days left!) we’re offering professional Metropolis Technology products at severely reduced prices (like, up to $75 off).

Metropolis’ innovative technology is crazy advanced, incorporating ionic and tourmaline technology into their products.  These technologies keep hair shiny and healthy, even with repeated heat styling, for better shine and texture.  This is hard to come by- particularly at affordable prices.  Don’t buy a cheap dryer at the supermarket; for not much more, you can have a professional quality dryer or iron that will last years and give much better results.

Metropolis T-Ion Mini Dryer

Metropolis T-Ion Mini Dryer & Accessories

As with cars, life insurance and shoes, the more you invest in styling tools does allow you to purchase a better product.  Especially with Metropolis their higher regular price point ($125-195) is indicative of their superior quality.  However, with their best products being so greatly reduced, you can afford the incredible quality!  The T-Ion Chopstick Styler, for example, is only $100 this month (knocked down from $175).  This is one of our best styling irons, made totally affordable for anyone!

Traveling much this summer?  Metropolis had ADORABLE and highly effective travel sized irons and dryers; even a travel sized kit with all the necessities.  While making their quality products much smaller, Metropolis didn’t shirk any quality in their miniatures.  The small dryer (click here, $65), for example, still puts out a startling 1000 watts.  Now THAT’s power.

You can browse the entire Metropolis line here.

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