Save on Perfect Zoya Duo

Zoya Anchor Basecoat and Zoya Armor TopCoat Color Lock

Zoya’s Color Lock System includes five essential nail care products, designed to provide a very beautiful, flawless manicure.  Two of the most popular treatments in that system are Zoya’s Armor Topcoat and Anchor Basecoat.

The Armor Topcoat uses UV protection to not only protect your polish from chipping, but from fading.  With a glossy finish and impenetrable seal, the Zoya’s Armor Topcoat dramatically extends the wear of your manicure.

Zoya’s Anchor Basecoat uses a revolutionary polymer basecoat designed to tightly bond polish to your nail, to prevent peeling and chipping while caring for and strengthening your nails.

For the month of June, Zoya’s Anchor and Armor Color Lock System components are on sale! Save a dollar on each formula, and try out these incredibly popular products for less!

Nail Treatments a la Zoya: The Best!

Zoya Treatments Color Lock System

Save 15% on all Zoya Treatments for the month of September!

Zoya nail treatments are by far our highest selling top coats, base coats, polish removers and gift sets.  Though we carry several incredibly effective brands, Zoya’s treatments have had such incredible results that people keep coming back for more!

Looking for a way to try ’em all out? For the holidays, we are selling the Holiday Mini Manicure Gift Set, which includes small sizes of all of the Color Lock System treatment products.  It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself, or someone you care about, to these great products.  Use the samples to test out each treatment or use them for stocking stuffers, small gifts for teachers or treats for your co-workers.

Click here to check out all of the discounted Color Lock treatment products!

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