Our Votes for Best & Worst at the Emmy’s!

Here at Beauty of a Site, we take it upon ourselves to share a little of our best and worst dress opinions. But since I am writing the blog, I suppose I get the final word. If I start any intra office conflicts, I’ll let you know about the minority opinions. ­čÖé

Editorial note: I’m a Glee fan. This might sway my votes.

My favorite two dresses:

1. Lea Michele (Rachel Berry on Glee)

She’s sporting that gorgeous deep blue that we’re seeing in makeup and fashion all over the place this Fall. That, plus her incredible form. Excellent.

Lea Michele Rachel Berry Glee Emmy Red Carpet

2.  Tina Fey (30 Rock)

I read on Yahoo! this morning that people weren’t all the way thrilled about this dress (the Yahoo! community graded it a B+), but I give her one of my top votes. ┬áThe dress is beautifully propotioned and truly unique. ┬áThe color flatters her and is classic. ┬áPlus, there’s a rumour that she was wearing tennis shoes under her gown. ┬áBest idea ever.

Tina Fey 30 Rock Emmys Red Carpet

Ok, so here’s my very least favorite dress. ┬áThere are almost no words. ┬áThis monstrosity comes to us from Holly Burrell, wife of Ty Burrell, star of Modern Family. ┬áWe have it on good authority that they’re pretty funny people, and could very well be joking. ┬áLet’s hope for that, friends. ┬áLet’s hope.

Holly Burrell Red Carpet Emmys

Disagree? ┬áThink we skipped over something? ┬áJust let us know! ┬áComment below and get this discussion movin’!

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