A Gift For That Special Someone

Have someone in your life that you think deserves a little bit more this year…? We have the perfect gifts that they’ll be sure to ♥♥♥


21j-OrIw48L Featured on Oprah, Kai Beauty products make the perfect present for that special person in your life… This Kai Deluxe Gift Set would be great for girlfriends, wives, and moms!


This Mini Private Lipstick Trio by DuWop is a popular item this season and would be a great add on item for the gifts that need just a little extra something! It comes in 3 different shades too!


41Y3JMPcofL._SL190_CR0,0,190,246_ Got someone on your list with some big New Years Eve plans that would want that perfect heathly looking glow? This gift set by St Tropez is the perfect idea for those women in your life that are always looking for ways to enhance their color!


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The Perfect Gifts for Everyone On Your Shopping List

Did the Holiday season sneak up on you this year? You’re not the only one! Don’t miss these holiday gift sets, back in stock, perfect for anyone on your shopping list. These items have been selling out quick, so don’t wait another day to get all your beauty enthusiasts a gift you know they’ll love! You know what they say, brothers and dads are the hardest to shop for… Until now! The Woody’s Holiday Shave Trio makes the perfect gift for any man in your life. Find yours here! One of our best selling gift sets this Holiday season has finally made it back in stock! The DuWop Pick Up Styxx set is guaranteed to make a great gift, whether it be for your sister, mom, or that special woman in your life. Don’t miss your chance…. Order now by clicking here! Still not finding the right gift for that hard-to-buy-for person left on your shopping list? Check out the rest of our Holiday store, you’re bound to finish all your gift shopping! Click the image below to view all of the products we have this Holiday season 🙂

Happy Lipstick Day!!

Happy Lipstick Day!! What shade are you wearing today? Check out Duwop My Private Lipstick Collection.



The Oscars 2014

The Oscars is a time full of glamour, class and the most talented actors. From beginning to end this night was full of heart warming acceptance speeches,  laughter, and some of the most beautiful dresses!

All through the Red Carpet these Hollywood actress’s flaunted sexy smoky eye make-up complete with fluttering false lashes a nude lip (definitely a big trend the Oscars this year).  Often times we saw a slick bun, and many embraced the power up-do with gusto – we loved it!


We know this Spring bold eyes with soft lips are the hottest trend.   Duwop offers just that, a perfect, bold eye shadow and reverse eye liner  for all day wear. You can replicate this simple and bold look in minutes!



Kissable Lips – Tricks & Tips

If there is one thing I don’t like, it’s tacky, sticky lip gloss. This is the main reason why I adore Naked Princess. Their gloss goes on smooth and clean, no stickiness and they come in a wide variety of natural shades. So we’re going to show you a HOW TO apply gloss so that it looks natural and stays on!

Naked Princess GlossI understand it’s hard near impossible to shop for a lipstick (especially when you can’t always try it on in the store) and find a perfect match. Naked Princess combats this issue by giving you subtle but noticeable color, without being too opaque and thick. All of their colors are sheer and help compliment the color your lips already are.

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First, I like to use Bella II Fiore’s lip scrub. Every now and then, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your lips, just as you would exfoliate your skin in the shower. Are you worried about swallowing or getting this product in your mouth, don’t…it has an all natural, safe, sugar base. After y ou exfoliate, you need to do what – that’s right, moisturize!

When applying a lip gloss, I like to first, put on a little chap-stick, especially after exfoliation.  I feel like this helps moisturize my lips, so they don’t feel dry and cracked when applying my other make up.

I use Crazy Rumors chap stick, it’s vegan, cruelty free, and they come in a variety of cool flavors! My flavor of choice is the  Raspberry Sherbet (it really does smell like the scent!)

Next, I like to apply Duwop’s revolutionary reverse lip liner. I use this around the outside lining of my lips, so that the color I apply stays on the inside line of my lips. We have seen the ladies with lipstick all over their mouth and teeth, and it makes you look like a hot mess. You can watch the video on how to apply and utilize this nifty make up trick!

Now, we can apply the lip gloss! This formula glides on effortlessly, throw it in your purse and take it wherever you go, it will be your new purse companion!

Last but not least, apply your lip liner. Your liner color should be 1-2 shades darker than the color of the outside lining of your lip. If you look closely, you will see that the edges of your lips are darker than the meat of your lips. You may ask “why apply this after rather than before the lip gloss”…When you have gloss on, wearing liner is much more noticeable because lip gloss is lighter and more sheer than lipstick. This way, when you apply your liner, you can contrast it with the gloss that is already on your lips, so blending will be easier and shading will be much more natural.

We want to highlight and accent all of your fabulous god given features. Sometimes it’s hard to have a natural appearance when you’re not using make up that lends itself to natural hues. We hope this how to guide helps you achieve a perfect pout!

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