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Watch Burlesque in Style!

Cher, Christina Aguilera Burlesque Movie PremierCher and Christina Aguilera graced the red carpet this week at the premier of their new movie, Burlesque.  Two truly talented divas, these women have come together to create a musical masterpiece.

And we’re pretty dang excited to see it.

To get in the mood, consider trying out some of OPI’s Holiday polishes, inspired and named after the movie, Burlesque.  Featuring as much glamour and exuberance as the movie, each of these colors either shimmers or glitters, just in time for a season of parties, holidays and reasons to look gorgeous.

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A Tree in a Can, Care of Aunt Sadie

Aunt Sadie’s Premium Scented candles have become some of our favorite holiday traditions here at Beauty of a Site.  Nothing gets our office in the holiday mood more than a new shipment of Aunt Sadie’s pine scented candles.  The Tree in a Can series candle is by far the  company’s top selling candle.  Smelling of a balsam forest and featuring pictures of either the classic tree or a wintery snow covered tree, this candle is a holiday essential.  Let the smell of Christmas linger in your home while you entertain guests, celebrate the holiday and even after your tree is finally taken down.  Truly what it claims to be, the Tree in a Can candle offers years of holiday tradition & nostalgic childhood memories packed into a convenient can, for your burning pleasure.

Purchase Aunt Sadie’s Tree in a Can candles here.

Aunt Sadie's Famous Tree in a Can Candle

Aunt Sadie's Famous Tree in a Can Candle

Stocking Stuffers 101: The Cutest Itty Bitty Gifts Ever

We’re not sure why we love them so much, but most of us women seem to: we love little things. Something about being itty bitty makes something cute way cuter. Here are Beauty of a Site’s top five favorite itty bitty gifts, all that would fit in a stocking!

Zoya’s Color Cube Lip Gloss & Mini Nail Polish gift sets are simple, versatile small gifts that are perfect for stocking stuffers, teachers’ gifts and office exchanges.  Include in each set are one .42oz lip balm and a .25 oz Zoya polish.  Available in five different shades!

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Zoya Color Cube Gift Sets
OPI Holiday Wishes Hydrate & Celebrate Avojuice Gift Set includes three Beauty of a Site favorites:  a 1 oz travel sized Avojuice body lotion, a 1.7oz body creme and a coordinating Avojuice full sized lip balm.  In two tropical flavors (Coconut Melon & Mango), this vacation-inspired gift helps to bring the fun & sun into a gloomy wintery season.

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Feeling Smitten Bakery Mini Bath Bomb Gift Set includes three mini cupcake-inspired bath bombs that dissolve into your hot bath to add a moisturizing silky foam.  Luxurious & absolutely delicious smelling, these bath bombs come packaged in box with crinkle & ribbon for easy gift giving!  Bath bombs include:  White Chocolate, Pink Sugar & Creamy Chocolate.

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Crazy Libellule & the Poppies solid fragrance stick perfumes are the most carefree, easy to carry, fun perfumes we’ve ever sold.  Each fragrance is totally full of life and the perfect blend of subtlety & intrigue.  Available in a variety of scents.

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Hempz Treats Delicious Lip Shines add a little bit of holiday cheer to a super moisturizing lip gloss / lip balm formula.  Infused with organic hemp seed oil, as well as just the right amount of sparkle, each of these dessert flavored lip glosses apply silky smooth (we tried them & loved them) and only give off the smallest color.  A great formula to toss on your lips on the go! Sold individually.

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Hempz Treats as Delicious as they Sound!

YUM.  Santa, please put these in my stocking.
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to get them in YOUR stocking.

Hempz Treats Gift Bag

Confession:  I’m a total Hempz addict.  I have a multitude of lotions strewn across my bathroom, but I’m always reaching for my favorite Hempz Cucumber & Jasmine Moisturizer first.  So, you can imagine my excitement when these delicious treats crossed my desk yesterday morning.  Introducing the Hempz Treats lotions, available in 8 oz bottles and gift bag sets for the holiday season.

And yes, in case you were wondering, they DO smell exactly like you would expect.  The Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake has a warmer pumpkin pie-y smell with a nutty twist, Cranberry Vanilla cake is about as sinfully sweet as they come, Gingerbread Cookie captures the nostalgic scent of warm gingerbread cookies and Coconut Cream Frosting smells like the most divine creamy whipped white frosting you’ve ever had- and it’s my personal favorite.

Like Hempz’ classic line, each Treats lotion is formulated with organic hemp seed oil for instant moisture and long-lasting nourishment for your skin.  We think the consistency is a little thicker than most of Hempz’ lotions, with a creamier feel for drier skin in the winter season.

Shop all of the Hempz stuff– plus the new TREATS! — here!

Essie Mint Candy Apple- Sweeter than Dessert!

Essie Mint Candy AppleSo… it’s here.  We were excited, but we didn’t expect to love it so dang much.  What are we all pining over at Beauty of a Site, you ask?  Why’s it’s Essie’s new “it” color:  Essie Mint Candy Apple.

We all were excited about Essie’s limited edition North Fork Collection from earlier in the  year, which featured three blue-ish greenish colors, and when we saw the promotional pictures for Essie’s Mint Candy Apple from her new Sweet Time of the Year Winter Collection, we were expecting something extremely similar, but this was better!

Less bold or blue than Essie Greenport and decidedly more “minty,” one of our fellow bloggers straight up called this the color of an after-dinner mint.  And we’re pretty sure she’s right.

Expect a color slightly  more green than the promotional pictures, a true mint green with a tinge of blue, with enough creamy, milkiness to the formula to make it perfectly wintery.  We found that in about two coats, you can get the even and incredibly unique minty green color you’re expecting.  And alongside Rock Candy & Lollipop, it’s the cutest little holiday collection of nail polishes you’ve ever seen.

And, PS, this color is FLYING off the shelves.  If you love it, you’re certainly not alone.  And if you don’t love it… you should.

Click here to purchase Essie Mint Candy Apple today!

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