Color Club New Magnetic Force Collection – Available Now!

Color Club Magnetic Force Collection

We are so excited to announce the arrival of the New Color Club Magnetic Force Collection! This new Magnetic polish has a strong magnet (included in cap) that is used with the Magnetic Polish which contains small Magnetic specks that can be manipulated using the included magnet to form intricate nail designs! It’s simple, easy, and fun!

Apply a heavy coat of polish to your nail, while the polish is still wet; hover the magnet very close over your nail for approximately 15 seconds. When you pull the magnet back it will reveal an eye catching pattern! Be sure not to let the polish dry before applying the magnet otherwise you may not get the desired design.  A helpful suggestion, if you hold the magnet in different directions you can achieve varying patterns and designs! These six colors have a fabulous shimmer that you will have to see to believe!

  • Cop An Attitude- rich, golden copper shimmer
  • Sci Fi- golden luminescent shimmer with a ouch of sparkle
  • Magnetic Force- darker plumy purple shade
  • Electro Midnight- royal blue with hint of darker navy when magnet is applied
  • Steel of the Night- a perfect steel grey with a hint of silver steaks with magnet
  • Hipnotic- fun & flirty hot pink with magenta under tones when magnet is applied

This collection is sure to please! The best thing is the magnet is strong and included with the polish!! We highly recommend this brand, as it has worked better than any other magnetic polish we have tried. Get yours today… In Stock & Shipping $12 each!

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