… Not Soap, Radio!

A nonsense punchline and a pair of loving sisters brings you one of Beauty of a Site’s favorite product lines: Not Soap, Radio.

These unique products are not only great for the body, durable for travel, but ultra fun.  Great gift ideas, perfect for brightly decorating your bathroom and simply fun for all ages, Not Soap, Radio products are designed to help you find the fun in life.

Need to get away? Check out Not Soap Radio’s “I’m Not Here, I’m Really…” range, that helps you feel like you’re in Tuscany, a spa, on an island, and about anywhere else where you’d expect to be using such luxurious products.  Get together with some girls and feel like you’re on vacation. Click here to see where Not Soap Radio can take you!

I'm Not Here, I'm Really...

Need a gift for someone in your life? Not Soap Radio’s “Say It With Suds” bubble bath features unique phrases on different products to help you thank the babysitter, congratulate the bride, wish someone a happy Hanukkah or even surprise your roommate.  Forget greeting cards- give them something that says the same thing, that they don’t have to throw away! Browse all of the gifts here.

Say It With Suds

Click here to see Not Soap Radio’s classic bath and body products.

Click here to see Not Soap Radio’s cosmetics.

Embrace Juara & Embrace Luxury!

Juara Bath and Body

Introducing: Juara Skincare and Spa Treatment products!

We are happy to announce that we’re now selling Juara, one of the world’s most creative, mysterious and luxurious product lines, featuring an infusion of Indonesian herbal spices and the most advanced skin treatment research.  Each Juara product uses a powerful and pure set of active botanicals that is extremely effective while being gentle, safe and extremely nourishing for your skin.

This “east meets west” skincare line was founded by four friends, dedicated to drawing upon the wisdom of ancient spa practices and combining those riches with everything that modern science has to offer.  The result of their hard work and passion: Juara Skincare & Treatments.

Click here to browse all of Juara’s unique and luxurious products!

Feeling Smitten: Exquisite Cupcake-Inspired Bath Bombs

Feeling Smitten Cafe Carmel Bath Bomb
We’re pleased to introduce our cutest new gift item for the season: The Feeling Smitten bath bomb. These completely cupcake inspired bath bombs are exquisitely fashioned (as you can see) to look like the real thing; same size, incredible decoration and it even smells perfect!  Pictured above is Feeling Smitten’s Cafe Caramel bath bomb (buy it here!), whose Gloria Jeans-like aroma fills the room when you open the box.  De-lish.

We started carrying these products in preparation for the Christmas season.  There are so many people to whom you want to give something fun and cute, but you just don’t know what to give … enter Feeling Smitten.  Perfect for a child’s teacher, secretary, neighbor or even a stocking stuffer, these adorable bath bombs are functional and fun.

We’re also carrying these mini cupcake gift set with three mini cupcakes included.  Adorable! The individual cupcakes retail for $10, and the gift sets for $16.

Feeling Smitten Fruiti Mini Bath Bomb Kit

New Organic Products: IKove for Hair, Bath & Skin

IKove Hair and Body Products
New for Fall 2009, Beauty of a Site announced our more recent product addition: IKove by Florestas.  This range of haircare, skincare and bath & body products is completely organic and natural, using a botanical base full of oils and extracts from the forests of the Amazon.

We have to label IKove products as some of the most guilt free beauty products we’ve ever seen.  A socially responsible company, IKove is dedicated to growing the economy of the Amazon, allowing local villages to stop cutting down trees and protect the region’s beautiful and rare rainforests.  The company uses certified organic ingredients, avoids synthetics and potentially harmful chemicals, while also avoiding any animal ingredients. IKove also strives to use as many certified fair trade ingredients as possible.

The lush and luxurious ingredients in the IKove products are what truly set them apart as unique- as must-haves!  Acai Berry is one of IKove’s favorite ingredients, an Amazonian palm berry harvested from the forests of Brazil.  Totally PACKED with antioxidants, fatty acids & omegas, Acai Berry is truly a miracle fruit, fighting premature aging and encouraging healthy skin.

We’re totally excited about these new products and hope that you are too!  If you’ve tried, please let us know what you think!  You can see all of the IKove products here.

Get Outta There, Swimmers’ Hair!

What do hot tubs, private pools, stays at your favorite hotel & sunny vacations all have in common?  You guessed it… chlorine, the number one summer hair killer.  Causing discoloration, dryness and a general not-so-healthy look, the minerals in most swimming water can do some Get Outta There, Swimmers' Hair!serious damage to our hair.  But don’t worry… we can help!

Introducing Malibu Swimmer’s Wellness Kit.  This miracle kit gives your hair everything it needs to enjoy a summer of swimming fun without any worries!  The Swimmer’s Wellness Kit is equipped to gently remove oxidizing elements that can bond to your hair, keeping it’s natural healthy shine in tact.   Each kit includes shampoo, conditioner & active treatment.

Has anyone tried it?  Let us know what you think!  We’ve heard so many good things about it!

PS:  Check out Malibu’s awesome products for dealing with well water & scalp issues too!

Get Caught with Egg On Your Face!

Get Caught with Egg on Your Face!
I always look forward to the days the UPS man brings the Eggwhite Facials – you can smell their deliciously soft scent as they walk through the front door. They give me a quick pick-me-up as I’m unpacking them and usually make me smile as I laugh at the cute little chickens on the package. But a nice smell and cute chickens aren’t the only great thing about these soaps.

Gaining inspiration from European and Scandinavian old-world soap making traditions, these Swedish soaps are all natural in color, fragrance, and ingredients.  These Eggwhite Facial Soaps stem from an old school facial recipe that is delicate enough to use daily and each bar lasts through several weeks of everyday use.

Also, one box contains six facials soaps – so there’s plenty to share with your friends and family!

We sell tons of this soap and would love to hear from those of you who enjoy using it as well! What sets these eggwhite facial soaps apart from others? What has the eggwhite facial soap done for you?

Lookin’ Good For Jesus- Fabulous Easter Gifts

Lookin' Good for Jesus Mini Kit

Lookin' Good for Jesus Mini Kit at BeautyofaSite.com

With Easter right around the corner and Lent almost over, we thought we’d share one of our favorite products that is not only wicked cute, but jives with our season of religious reflection.  Blue Q, a smaller, hard to get retailer of “life-improving, joy-bringing, mind-altering, universally praised products” is helping out with our religious voyage this year. With their “Looking Good for Jesus” line of products, we can enjoy a citrus bubble bath that will “wash away our sins” and “make you feel like you’re walking on water.” They also carry easter lily  scented Sparkle Cream (that’s right- just in time) and a wonderful vanilla lip balm with SPF 18. With good humor comes good vibes so check out Blue Q’s line (complete with Jesus figurine) and “get tight with Christ!”  Perfect for easter baskets everywhere.

Baby Shower Overload!

2009 has already proven itself to be an expensive year for gifts – baby shower gifts that is. Having already exceeded my yearly allowance of trips to Toys R Us, I found myself wondering just how useful some of the more expensive baby items are for my mothers-to-be? How many times will you actually use an inflatable spout cover that looks like an octopus? Or is it just cute?

Bio Bio Baby Rice Starch

Bio Bio Baby Rice Starch

One item that I have found most mommies wanting in bulk is a wonderfully organic rice baby bath by Bio Bio Baby. Made in Italy from 100% natural starch rice, this baby bath softens, calms, and soothes baby’s skin and helps alleviate rashes. Whether it’s diaper rash or irritation from detergents, newborn baby’s skin requires the utmost care and a tender touch. What better way to help your friend with their new addition than to give her something she can really use!

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