New Stuff for Your Man

Checked out our section exclusively for men? Beauty of a Site isn’t all glitz and glam, you know (though we certainly have plenty of that)! Jam packed with manly stuff to keep ’em clean, freshly groomed and smellin’ fresh.

Our new favorites from that section are Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Soap and Omega’s Shave Products.

Omega’s Shave line features classic shave products, including shave bowls,  a huge variety of high quality brushes and even gift sets (it’s almost that time of year…. think stocking stuffers!).

Omega Brush and Shave Gift Set

Omega Shaving Brush and Cream Bowl Gift Set

Omega Eucalyptus Shave Soap TubeOmega Eucalyptus Shave Soap Tube

Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Soap Products boast a 100 year old tradition in New England, the powerful pine aroma is perfect for cleansing and freshen skin after athletic activities.

Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap Bar

Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Soap Bar

Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap Gift Box

Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Soap Gift Set

Click here to browse all of the Omega products!

Click here to browse all of the Lightfoot Pure Pine products!

Help us Save our Little Piece of the Planet!

Happy Earth day to our fans and friends! Today reminded us about the importance of being green.  Saving the Earth and caring for nature is something that we can do one step at a time.  We have to remember that every step counts!

Earth Day Green Beauty Products

Looking for ways to take care of our planet?  Here are just a few of our products who take caring for the Earth seriously:

1.  Tigi Love, Peace and the Planet is a range of superior quality hair care products that make earth friendly packaging their number one priority.  And not only does each eco-friendly bottle, tub or tube use only a minimal amount of synthetic material, but each product sports as many fresh and natural ingredients as possible.  Hug a tree with every style!  Click here to get started.

2.  Get Fresh Santa Monica Lifestyle Reusable Shoppers feature fabulously stylish designs on strong, market quality tote bags.  Save the earth using one less plastic bag at a time!  These are reasonably priced and HUGE!  Perfect for groceries.  Click here to see them!

3.  Organic Grooming is a men’s product line featuring incredible organic products that carefully consider the earth when producing and packaging their products.  Many products, including their triple milled bar soap, uses completely biodegradable packaging, even printed in soy ink!  Click here to see all of their products.

Father’s Day with Beauty of a Site

It’s June 1st, which puts Father’s day at two weeks out.  Now, we know that Beauty of a Site isn’t your first thought for a way to treat the man in your life, but we wanted to make you aware of some of our favorite ways to show Dads, husbands, friends & brothers that we care.

Beauty of a Site offers a section of our site to men; listing brands that cater to mens needs and catergorized by product type to make shopping for the perfect shaving supplies, shampoo & body wash even easier.  Some of our best brands specializing in men’s products are:

Organic Grooming (herbal, organic, eco-friendly products)
American Crew (classic, popular & well-known)
Bed Head B For Men (a testosterone tilt on popular Bed Head salon products)
Kusco Murphy MAN (the coolest looking packaging ever)
Rude Man Haircare (the FUNNIEST packaging ever)
Woody’s (unique, effective & fun)

Father's Day at Beauty of a Site
Anything you’d like to see that we don’t have for you yet?  Let us know and we’ll check them out!  We’re just starting to really focus on offering a dedicated section for men, and we could always use suggestions!

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