Essie Cocktail Winter: Swatches!

Essie Cocktail Winter

The Essie Cocktail Winter 2011 Collection celebrates the brilliance of gems often worn at decadent holiday parties and brings the same sparkle to your fingertips to get you in the spirit of the season.

Bangle Jangle: A Lavender Amethyst
Bobbing for Baubles: A Deepest Darkest Sapphire
Brooch the Subject: A Creamy Cashmere Cameo
Cocktail Bling: A Precious Pale Gray Jewel
School of Hard Rocks: A Midnight Malachite
Size Matters: A Blazing Hot Ruby Red


Essie Dive Bar
Daring and dark, Essie’s Dive Bar collection is new for Winter 2011.  Shimmers and frosts refresh beautiful jewel tones in time for the holidays. We love what we’re seeing!

Dive Bar: Mysterious blackest blue with shimmer
Jamaica Me Crazy: Spirited magenta with shimmer
Over the Top: Dramatic metallic midnight gray
Sexy Divide: Bold deep purple with hints of shimmer
Steel-ing the Scene: Burnished pewter cream
Trophy Wife: Perfect deep teal pearl

Tell us what you think!


Labor Day Savings: 15% off Storewide!

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Labor Day Sale Coupon Beauty of a Site

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Amika Tigi Bed Head Principessa Essie

Essie Summer 2011 Collection: Braziliant Swatches!

Essie 2011 Summer Collection Braziliant

Essie makes a splash with their vibrant new collection, featuring bold colors from both a bright and neutral palette. Truly, a little something for everyone.

Essie 2011 Collection Summer Braziliant

Each hue in its bottle, listed from left to right:

Essie Absolutely Shore: A soft sea foam green
Essie Too Too Hot: A sizzling rich red coral
Essie Braziliant: A hot orange with a touch of shimmer

Essie Summer 2011 Collection

Last three colors listed from left to right, pictured above:

Essie Super Bossa Nova: An upbeat bright fuchsia
Essie Meet Me at Sunset: A vibrant deep orange
Essie Smooth Sailing: A breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl

We’re super excited for these colors – let us know what you think!

A Little Essie- Just For You

January’s one of those busy months for everyone; kids start school again, everyone’s trying to recover from the holidays, taxes need to be done, working hard on our resolutions… it’s easy to lose yourself in piles of to-do lists and millions of schedules.  Our advice:  give yourself something.  Something small, but something special.

For the busy woman in January, we suggest:  a new shade of Essie nail polish.  Choose something different than you usually wear.  Something you’ve seen in magazines but don’t usually have the guts to wear.  With some of Essie’s most treasured colors at 15% off, you have the freedom to pick something you won’t wear every day for about the cost of a cup of coffee.  And chances are… you’ll fall in love with it!! Click here to see the discounted Essie colors.

Here are our top three “just-for-fun” Essie colors, on sale right now!

Essie Sew Psyched

Essie “Sew Psyched” (sage pewter)
from the Fall 2010 Collection

Essie Tart Deco

Essie “Tart Deco” (coral)
from the Spring 2010 Collection

Essie Going Incognito

Essie “Going Incognito” (emerald green)
from the Winter 2010 Collection

More Summer Lacquer from OPI & Essie

Though we’ve barely had time to enjoy our brand new OPI Spain & Shrek Collections, not to mention the brand new Resort Collection from Essie, both popular nail polish creators have something special planned for us for the summer! OPI will be releasing the Flutter Collection alongside Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection within the week – you can start pre-ordering today!!

OPI Summer 2010 Flutter Nail Polish & Nail LacquerBe the first among nail polish gurus everywhere to get these polishes by placing a pre-order. When we receive the polishes in stock either late this week or early next week, yours will ship automatically, without any worries about us running out of stock! Click here to pre-order OPI Flutter and here to pre-order Essie Summer 2010.

OPI Flutter features four new shades, each creative, complex and brilliant in the sunlight. Catch Me In Your Net, the blue of the collection, is my personal favorite color that OPI has released this year, featuring extremely small glitter for a subtle sheen over a comfortably warm turquoise infused blue that is airy but bold. Seriously ladies; it’s gorgeous. Also in the collection are Flit a Bit (orange/coral), Flower-to-Flower (warm pink) and Wing It (deep pink with sheen).

Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection draws its colors from the season’s fashion design, featuring classic, feminine, edgy and bold colors, all in the same collection.  This truly is an odd mix of color, but the interesting palette helps to identify the edgy styles of the summer, ranging from a soft and sexy feminine pink to a powerfully seductive deep green.  Both Pretty Edgy (deep green) and Demure Vixen (orchid / lavender with sheen) are getting all sorts of attention, both for their individuality and the interesting way in which they fit into the color palette.  The other colors in the collection, including Haute As Hello (pink / coral), Knockout Pout (bright pink), Miss Matched (muted neutral lavender) and Vermillionaire (bright red), are more classically Essie, though deliciously classic with a modern twist of color variation.

Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Make sure and pre-order your polish today!  As the products arrive in stock, we’ll definitely try them on and share our swatches!  Check back later this week and early next week for more details!

Escape to a Resort- with Essie!

Essie’s Resort Collection for Summer 2010 is beautiful, airy and as fresh as a coastal vacation.  Take a whiff of fresh ocean air when wearing these four new colors to relax and enjoy your vacation filled summer.  Calm and sophisticated, the Essie Resort nail polish hues are extremely unique, and the perfect shades for your summer.

We have to admit, once we received these colors in our salon, we were surprised to see that they were a little more lively and vibrant than the promo pictures.  It is the perfect mixture of a fun vacation and a calm getaway: the perfectly colored middle!

Here are our swatches!

Essie Resort Nail Polish Collection

Playa Del Platinum is a gorgeous neutral, with warm browns- the color of shells and pristine beaches.  Perfect for business meetings as well as warm afternoons in the sun, this pink toned brown neutral is feminine and simple.

Turquoise & Caicos is a cooler, calmer hue reminiscent of the popular jades, turquoises and greens of the season.  Fresh and relaxing, this turquoise is perfect to express creativity, excitement and a subtle playfulness.

Lapis of Luxury explores the deep blues of the sea.  Musty but gentle, this periwinkle based blue is airy and breezy, beautiful against all skin tones and refreshingly distinct from the other colors of the season.

Splash of Grenadine is a neat twist on Essie’s staple pink featured in almost all of her collections.  The perfect-for-your-toes magenta is more calm than the average bright pink, but is fun, cool and spunky.  For the woman of all ages!

Let us know what you think about these beautiful shades!  CLICK HERE to start shopping for them!

Essie Embraces the Art of Spring

It’s only fitting that since we started last week blogging about polish that we could start this one with the same thing.  Along with the OPI Softshades, we’ve received Essie’s newest collection, The Art of Spring.  Featuring very complex and interesting pastels from a palette that praises the world of art and design, we were pleasantly surprised with Essie’s interpretation of the “it” colors for Spring 2010.

Essie Art of Spring 2010As we have come to expect from her, Essie gives us a brand new soft pink and classic red to celebrate the season in Pop Art Pink and Red Nouveau, respectively.  However, the subtle gray undertone gives the colors an unexpected complexity and a very trendy look.  Lilacism, in particular, redefines a classic lavender to become a shadow dusted lilac; a truly beautiful neutral infused with interesting color.  Van D’Go offers another light pink for Spring, but shares the orange-y warm undertones of Tart Deco, while remaining muted and complex.  Neo Whimsical features the perfect medium pastel pink we always expect from Essie; cool undertones behind a muted and pastel pink that match any outfit, any occasion and any season.  These great colors allow us to enjoy the sophistication of pastels without the easter basket shades we can trip across during this season.

Click here to buy Essie’s Art of Spring colors!

Where InStyle Loves Us!

InStyle just gushed about the best beauty buys that they found in 2009, and we’re excited to find that we offer many of them!  Each year, InStyle helps readers sift through the best of what’s on the market, and helps us all to choose the best products for the money to get affordable and worthwhile results.

In 2009, InStyle loved Essie.  Essie Mademoiselle won InStyle’s award for best neutral.  A celebrity nail pro is quoted as saying that of the “300 polish shades in my kit, … this is the one I use 60 percent of the time.”  Essie’s orange-y red Geranium stole the award for the best coral with its “sassy and sophisticated” style.

In 2009, InStyle couldn’t get enough of the Beauty Blender.  This unique cosmetics applicator takes blending to a professional level, and won the category for best foundation applicator of the year.  We love it.

In 2009, InStyle gushed over Freeze 24/7’s Freeze & Go compact as the best line filler they saw all year.  Calling this amazing little products a  “needle-free alternative to Botox,” InStyle loved how this hot product offered instant gratification.

Check out these products and more on Beauty of a Site’s InStyle feature pageClick here to visit it!

Essie Mint Candy Apple- Sweeter than Dessert!

Essie Mint Candy AppleSo… it’s here.  We were excited, but we didn’t expect to love it so dang much.  What are we all pining over at Beauty of a Site, you ask?  Why’s it’s Essie’s new “it” color:  Essie Mint Candy Apple.

We all were excited about Essie’s limited edition North Fork Collection from earlier in the  year, which featured three blue-ish greenish colors, and when we saw the promotional pictures for Essie’s Mint Candy Apple from her new Sweet Time of the Year Winter Collection, we were expecting something extremely similar, but this was better!

Less bold or blue than Essie Greenport and decidedly more “minty,” one of our fellow bloggers straight up called this the color of an after-dinner mint.  And we’re pretty sure she’s right.

Expect a color slightly  more green than the promotional pictures, a true mint green with a tinge of blue, with enough creamy, milkiness to the formula to make it perfectly wintery.  We found that in about two coats, you can get the even and incredibly unique minty green color you’re expecting.  And alongside Rock Candy & Lollipop, it’s the cutest little holiday collection of nail polishes you’ve ever seen.

And, PS, this color is FLYING off the shelves.  If you love it, you’re certainly not alone.  And if you don’t love it… you should.

Click here to purchase Essie Mint Candy Apple today!

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