The Oscars – Trends and Fashion

The Oscars

There was a lot of talent on the red carpet during this years Oscars! We were surprised by the amount of “worthy” movies this year,  which is not always the case, season to season.

A movie to see if you haven’t already is Silver Linings Play Book. This movie has something for everyone, please, do not rule this as a chick flick because it is far more than that! We think Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful, we congratulate her on her 2013 award and we commend her on her make up and over all look! She is beautiful, by nature, and her rose tone shades looked great.

We have been seeing this “romantic” look beginning to trickle into this Springs trends. The use of light colors brings out the natural beauty in fabrics and on your face! In this case, Jennifer wore very natural looking make up, for an understated, yet angelic appearance.

We love the asymmetric lines of Gwyneth’s one shoulder draped dress. This classic and chic look never goes out of style, she owned this dress! White can sometimes be a tricky color to wear, because often it is see through, but obviously this leading lady has the body and the curves to make any outfit look stunning.

Mila’s dress was tapered to perfection. We love those dresses you can put on, and they are instantly flattering. If you notice how her dress is folded across  her body, it slims her already TINY waist line and brings your eyes across her dress from head to toe. This year we have seen a lot of one shouldered dresses. We know that wearing a dress that reveals a lot of skin means you have to take care of your skin.

We offer a great Lipo Conquer Toning cream by Dermelect, to help tone your skin in problem areas, this cream also helps with sag in your under arms, love handles and thighs.

You can replicate this simple and clean look through understanding your skin tone. Colors like peach, have  tendency of looking good on everyone, when applied correctly.

Duwop offers just that, a perfect and even textured blush, for all day wear!

Duwop Peach BlushOR

TIGI Blush

If you lean more towards the bold colors, like Mila, consider a hot and sexy red lip by Duwop | Click Here!

Regardless of the trends, it’s important to let your natural beauty shine through, never hide it! Embrace wearing the clothes you love, and it’s never too late to change your make up style, if you don’t like what you are currently doing. We know that change is difficult, but you live once, it’s time to experiment and try to new things!

A How To: Romantic Shades for a Natural Appearance

Natural Blog

It’s the trick that every woman tries to master “how can I apply makeup and make it look natural?” We have all seen the girls who cake the make up on and we can all agree it doesn’t look good.

The romantic shades are trending this Spring, you will see clothes, nail polish and make up in rose, peach and pink  hues.

Let us show you some tricks and tips for that natural, born this way appearance.

How To Blog

For a list of the brands seen in this blog, please see below:

Duwop|TIGI|Naked Princess

Feminine & Fierce Lace!

We at Beauty of a Site are seeing new fall trends with bright lace. When worn correctly, lace shows off your feminine side while highlighting your fierce side! Instead of always going with your little black dress for evenings and holiday parties, try these!

Kristen Stewart, also known as Bella Swan, dressed in a bright blue lace dress with matching heels and a matching ribbon belt. Also notice that the dress has nude-colored layer underneath to make this blue really pop!

Taylor Swift wore a red lace dress with a black slip. Notice that the black does not reach her neck nor her shoulders. This keeps the dress classy yet edgy, and gives a more form-fitting appearance to the dress. She also wore nude heels which helps keep the focus on the fierce red!

We love the cap sleeves on this dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence, of The Hunger Games. Our only suggestion would be to switch the white slip underneath for a black or nude one. The white softens the look, while nude of black would help it stand out! She also wore red shoes that are not the same red-orange shade as the dress, and so they draw their own attention which takes away from the creativity and edginess of the dress itself.

Try some lace on this fall be sure to wear the appropriate slip color under and shoes that compliment your look too!

Introducing IT Factor – Dry you hair in half the time!

As seen in: People, InStyle, NY Magazine, Launchpad Mag, Modern Mag, and the list goes on!

Could it be a miracle? Ideal for all hair types!

We are excited  to introduce IT Factor Shampoo and Conditioner, reducing hair drying time up to 50%! It Factor products are formulated with a proprietary VaporBoost System, which enables hair to evaporate moisture quickly so you can be out the door in a flash!

These products will leave your hair clean, soft, shiny, healthy, detangled and sleek, no other product necessary! The makers of IT Factor understand that you live a busy life and you have places to go, this cutting edge formula offers customers a time saving product!

Two fabulous options! It Factor shampoo and conditioners cater to Fine Hair or Medium to Coarse hair, an option for every hair type, whether curly, straight, waved and permed.

Safe for all hair types including colored and chemically straightened. Free of harsh sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride and alcohol. Safe for all hair types including colored and chemically straightened. Free of harsh sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride and alcohol.

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